Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Grovelling Amongst The Gravestones

Oh the joy of throwing on a pair of tatty jeans, an old t-shirt and flip flops, grabbing a camera and heading out into the sunshine. Of course with me it is never that simple so add a bag full of meds to the equation and you are nearer the truth.

The day did not start well as I awoke feeling more than a little hung over from the late night pizza treat provided by my eldest. Laurence. I am not used to eating late but couldn't resist a margarita with extra onion. This morning I woke up feeling very heavy stomached and with a raging thirst. I don't add salt to any of my food so a pizza is like having my whole years allowance in one hit. The weather was not promising so I was delighted when the sun came out mid morning and the temperature started to rise.  By lunch time it was 21C so I just couldn't stay inside and it was decided to spend the afternoon out with the camera. Headed for Willington where there is a Tudor dovecote and stables. They were pretty boring but took a few shots and then headed for the church of Saint Lawrence. I like taking pictures of old and unusual gravestones, some of the Victorian ones are nothing short of works of art with all their angels and cherubs but sadly nothing that interesting was found. I was about to leave when I spotted two Ladybirds clinging to a leaf and just had to take a shot. After several attempts there was nothing for it but to lie at full stretch amongst the graves to get the shot I wanted. Was I successful, I will only find out when I upload them tomorrow.

Drove home via Bedford town center as Peter wanted to call in at Maplin, sitting in the car with the warm sun streaming through the windows I very nearly fell asleep. I would have loved to have taken another stroll along the river but was too exhausted. Maybe I'm not as well yet as I thought I was. Tomorrow is going to be a quieter affair, a trip to the garden center and a sit in the garden while I watch my boys plant what I've bought. Perfect!