Friday, 8 April 2011

If The Drugs Don't Work

Well been trogging along filling my DLA application and came across the question 'List all the medication you take, the dosage and frequency.' I'd never thought of this before and was quite shocked when I listed it all.
Iloprost 5mg 9 x per day
Salamol 100mg  x 2 twice per day
Qvar 100mg x 2 per day
Adizem SR 90 mg 2 x per day
Furosemide 40 mg 1 per day
Spironolactone 25 mg 1 per day
Warfarin 3mg once per day
Ferrous Fumarate 210mg 3 per day.
And there is at least another one to come, no wonder I feel sick a lot of the time. The Iloprost takes around 15 minutes each time so that's a whole 2 hours and 25 minutes just taking one medication. How do I manage to fit it all in?

Anyway enough of talking about this bloody disease for now and on to pleasanter things.  I was absolutely delighted to be told last night that my youngest has past his karate black belt and is now officially a Sensi (that means 'teacher' in Japanese). The advantage being he is now qualified to set up and teach a club of his own. A handy way to earn some extra income when he goes off to uni next year.

I spent the morning planting the herbs I bought yesterday. Well when I say I planted them I mean I pointed out where I wanted them then my husband dug the hole, put the plant in it, covered it up and watered it in. The garden is now looking much better and it was lovely to spend some time pottering around in the sunshine.The afternoon was spent getting things ready for work tomorrow. I work a 4 days on, 4 days off rotating shift pattern and it is my turn for weekend duty, which actually isn't such a bad thing as it ought to fairly quiet. Took some pictures of my son in his new black belt when he came home from school. He did some really impressive jumps and kicks, I hope I've managed to catch them all and they are in focus as he can move faster than my shutter finger.

Tonight is film night in our family and we take it in turn to chose a DVD to watch, we have close to 1000 DVD's as my husband and I are real film buffs, something we seem to have passed onto the boys. We make popcorn and have bags of crisps at the ready and turn all the lights off, it is as close to being in a real cinema as you can get especially with the surround system. This is our special family time and I'm really going to miss it when my eldest gets his own place and my youngest is at uni so I'm enjoying it while I can. Tonight I've bought an El Paso Nachos kit as a special treat. It's my husbands choice tonight so it could be a bit off the wall.

Malaysian GP on Sunday, I will be routing for the British boys and Mark Webber as I really believe he needs a break. I'd already booked the day off to watch it and will still be taking the day as I can use it to assess whether I'm really well enough to be back. The doc said take it easy, do not over do it and if you start feeling ill go home. Advice I will be listening to.  Ah well off to take my 6th dose of the day, only another 3 to go.