Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding.

Well despite vowing I was not going to watch 10.30 and I was firmly in front of the TV waiting for the first glimpse of 'the dress'. Worth it, absolutely, it was stunning and after that I just had to watch the whole thing didn't I. It was so easy to get caught up in the splendour of the occasion and let's face it we are so lucky to be able to put on such a show. Which other country has such wonderful settings. Andrew came and watched a bit of it with me and asked loads of questions about the Abbey. He was surprised to find so many famous people were buried there so I think a trip is called for in the near future.

Bit of excitement for our sleepy little village on Thursday night. We were sitting watching the news when suddenly the police helicopter  (or sty in the sky as the kids call it) came over really low with the search light on, we went outside to see what was going on and a police car came screaming up the road. No idea what was going on as we decided if there was someone running around that warranted that level of police interest it would be better to leave well alone and go back inside and check the back doors were firmly locked.

I haven't been feeling at all well these last few days. I am having trouble breathing and my chest is painful and heavy and I've started retaining water in my stomach and my feet and ankles. I don't know what it is. It could just be that the Iloprost just cannot cope on its own and needs the back up of a second medication, I'm still waiting to hear if the PCT will grant funding for that, or whether it is something else entirely. My greatest fear is that I'm becoming intolerant of the Iloprost as I have done with practically every other med I've been given so far. I'm going to have to contact the Brompton next week and discuss it as I cannot go on feeling this ill. It is affecting my mood, my work and just my enjoyment of doing things. Take today for instance, I really want to hit the shops but the only way I'm going to be able to is on a scooter. I know I shouldn't moan and people keep saying using a scooter or wheelchair isn't so bad if it lets you do what you want to do but I really hate it.

Once I'd picked up my scooter from Motability I did what I always do when feeling a bit down and headed straight for Lush. Some people with lung problems say that Lush makes them wheeze but fortunately it has never had that effect on me. I spent a relaxing 30 minutes amongst the potions and lotions before leaving marginally happier and £40 poorer. Really looking forward to a long soak with a good book. After a flying visit to Maplin and Costco we returned to find my eldest had set up a BBQ. We had mini ribs, chicken satay sticks and sausages. What a lovely surprise. Tonight it is film night and as it is my turn I have chosen Moulin Rouge, I might even treat myself to a very small glass of wine.

23. Visit Westminster Abbey