Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday, Monday....

Well yesterday's meal was as surprising as it was delicious. Starter was a warm cheese and tomato soup/fondue/dip type concoction comprising cheese, onions, tomatoes, jalapeƱo peppers and a touch to much Tabasco sauce. It was served with warm mini pitta breads to dip. Main course was a leg of lamb seasoned with African spices, rosemary and garlic and served with a variety of veg. Dessert was a gooey dark chocolate gateau. Needless to say I scoffed the lot, then spent the afternoon sleeping it off in the garden. It was cooler today thank God but still in the 20's, a nice cooling breeze made breathing easier so a much more comfortable day all round.

Back to work today. Working on a bank holiday is very unpredictable. It can be ultra busy because there are fewer of you trying to do a normal days work or ultra quiet. Today was the latter and the day dragged. At one stage I was so bored I could have gnawed off my own foot just to have something to do. Still the lack of activity gave me some much needed thinking time and I've come to the conclusion that I shouldn't think as it invariably gets me into trouble. I also took the opportunity to have a long chat with one of my supervisors about how I was coping at work and what could be done to support me more. I was told that I should allow people to help me. Letting people help me, even asking for help, is something I find incredibly hard to do.  I sail through all the procedures, clinics and different medications with hardly a bat of an eyelid but if I have to ask for help I turn into a quivering wreck. It freaks me out.  It was a good chat with my supervisor and ironed out some things I've been worrying about, with a bit of luck I might have a good night's sleep tonight.

I was promised a barbecue for tea when I got home so was bitterly disappointed when it was canceled due to Tesco not having any bread left, or anything else by the sound of it. Instead it was cheese and pickle sandwiches and the promise of a feast on the next weekend off. I think it is time I took back the kitchen before we all starve.