Thursday, 14 April 2011

Run For The Pills

I have one very poorly little prison warden at home today. Came home last night looking flushed and complaining of extreme tiredness and 'flu like' symptoms. Yikes! The last thing I need right now is flu in the house. That's another thing with PH, between the illness and the drugs you have to take your immunity is at rock bottom and you catch everything, even if you have been vaccinated. Flu etc can be really dangerous as we have enough trouble breathing without the extra strain something like that puts on our systems. I caught Pneumonia 18 months ago as a secondary infection following a cold and was bed ridden for six weeks. It nearly killed me (not kidding) so naturally I am terrified of getting it again. So instead of being the good mummy and providing lots of sympathy, tea and aspirin I have to keep my distance. He understands but even so, it doesn't make me feel like a proper mum anymore.

I've done it, I've checked and re-checked and finally plucked up courage to hit the 'send' button. My DLA claim is in, let battle commence.

Risked a trip to Tesco's, it was hell, forgot that school's out. We are now fully stocked on paracetamol, tissues, Olbas Oil and throat pastilles. Got the usual dirty looks from people who clearly do not think I ought to be parking in a disabled bay. It is really weird how most people will only accept a disability if it is visible, such as a missing limb. I'm getting used to being glared at, it used to really annoy me and my husband and sons have had more than one argument with busy bodies who come over and demand to know what right we have to park in a disabled space. I don't bother wasting energy on them now and usually just walk to the back of the car and open the boot so that my wheelchair can be extracted. That  tends to shut them up, then of course I have to put up with being stared at BECAUSE I'm in a wheelchair. You can't win, it isn't nice but you learn to go with it. Life is too short for such pettiness.

Things to do before, etc
11. Go to a nightclub and dance the Time Warp and the Macarena
12. Learn to fly a plane
13. take tea at the Ritz