Saturday, 9 April 2011

Saturday Night Is All Right For Fighting

I could SCREAM!!!!

But first a quick update. Film last night was Blazing Saddles, very funny. As I am not working tomorrow and there is nothing on telly we are having another film night tonight so hello Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Eldest is in Sheffield for the weekend attending an end of term part with some of his uni friends but he isn't a big Harry Potter fan anyway.

Had a letter from the hospital replying to a complaint I put in a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who do not know the background a quick overview. I was booked into the clinic for 1pm and also had an echo booked at 3pm. I started having problems with my meds so they asked me to come in earlier and go to the ward so they could give me a more thorough check up than they could in clinic. I was to keep my echo appointment after which I could go home. I was told to attend the ward at 10 so I arrived on time and had a long chat with the doctors and then settled to wait for my echo. I arrived at reception on time only to be told that my appointment had been canceled and the slot taken by another patient. To add insult to injury the receptionist was quiet rude and told me I should have let them know I was still attending the echo as these are routinely canceled if the outpatients clinic is cancelled. And how am I supposed to know what their procedures are if they never tell anyone this. I would normally just let it go but because I was feeling poorly and the receptionist had been so rude I wrote in and complained bitterly. The letter is very nice and waffles on about re-training and revising etc, etc. I doubt anything will change but at least someone did read my letter.

OK now onto the screaming bit. Why do people have to be so nasty? There is someone at work who is trying very hard to bully me and I really don't know what to do about it. She is a chronic attention seeker and seems to think she is in some sort of competition with me. I was so close to lashing out at her today. I love my job and the majority of people I work with but this woman is making my whole life a misery. When I see her walking through the door my heart starts racing and I start sweating and feel sick. And I sit there and wait for the first dig to come my way, this is really stressing me out which of course is affecting my health.The trouble is she is really subtle about it so I don't know if anyone is noticing what is going on. I don't want confrontation but I don't want to dread going into work either. I've got the day off tomorrow so sometime to mull it over.