Friday, 15 April 2011

It's A Miracle!

I was not going to blog today as not a lot going on but this is so momentous I just had to record it for posterity. As I am sitting in the study typing this my eldest is in the kitchen, baking. Yes that's right baking! I don't know what but have been ordered to get some whipping cream and white chocolate when I go out later.  I'll report the results of the great bake off tomorrow.

It has been a bit of a good news day in the Roberts household today. First up Laurence, my eldest, declared he was feeling a lot, lot better and backed the statement up by ransacking the fridge. The second piece of good news is that Andrew, my youngest, has landed a job with one of the posher country pubs. OK he hasn't quite got it yet, he has to do a couple of trial shifts next week but he got on well with the landlord at the interview so we are hopeful. The third bit of good news is that I've managed to track down all the paperwork I need to support my DLA claim so that will be sent off later today. So far things are shaping up for a good end to the week.

Things to do....
14. Learn to belly dance.