Sunday, 24 April 2011

Life is a Minestrone

As I am sitting here typing this I can hear all sorts of clangs and crashes as the three men in my life prepare lunch for me. I have been sent packing from downstairs for 'interfering' and my role is reduced to the occasional request for advice on how to peel a tomato or separate an egg. The smells are even more curious being somewhat more exotic than those that usually come out of my kitchen, even when I'm doing a curry. I have worked out that I'm having lamb, having bought it myself, and some kind of gateau but the rest is a mystery though a large amount of mint, garlic, rosemary and onions have gone missing from the garden. I don't know whether to be excited or terrified.

Yesterday was so hot, registering 27C in the garden just after 1400. I'd spent the morning planting some Sweet Peas and other flowers in pots around the decking but in the afternoon all I could do was sit and read. I found it difficult to breathe yesterday. I don't know if that is because of the 'smog' we are supposed to be having at the moment or whether it was just the sheer heat, (OK I know 27C is not very hot but when you have difficulty breathing even the slightest rise can cause problems), but whatever it was I was forced to retire inside to the cool of a darkened living room until things got a bit easier. By 1700 the sun had moved around to the front of the house meaning that the garden was shaded and cooler so I was back outside Pimms in hand to enjoy the late afternoon. It was lovely hearing the birds singing, everyone must have been either away or at the shops because the usual sounds of traffic, screaming kids and raucous barbeque's that tend to spoil such lovely days were mercifully absent. I did something yesterday that I haven't done for years, bought an ice cream from a van and extortionate isn't the word, will be another few years before I will be buying another one.

So back to today and only an hour to go before the big event. There has been some swearing so I don't think everything is going entirely to plan. Whatever the outcome it is nice not to have to cook Easter Sunday lunch for the first time in 20 years so I will enjoy it whatever they stick in front of me.
Happy Easter.