Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Don't Let Me Get Me

Well after sleeping almost around the clock, yes another afternoon/evening of unmissable TV missed, I'm feeling a bit better.

My chest still aches and I have a horrible dry cough but my breathing has eased up a bit and I've kept my last two meals down, which is excellent progress. I am really thirsty though and drinking like a drain, which is unlike me but is probably because my mouth and throat feel so dry. My thoughts are now turning towards it being a virus rather than a downturn in the PH. However all possibilities have to be checked out so it is off for tests this afternoon to see what's what and possibly another visit next week if they feel my meds need changing or increasing. This PH is an ever changing condition and I have been fortunate in that I've experienced quite a long period of stability lately. I'm hoping that stability will continue and this is nothing serious.

In my waking moments I've been considering what I might do with myself if I do give up work to stave off boredom. I've thought of maybe doing some voluntary work. Maybe a day or two in a charity shop or I could use my teaching skills and go into schools to help with reading etc. Both are good ideas but both would still expose me to all sorts of bugs and that isn't so good. One of the reasons for giving up work would be to try and protect myself from infection.

Then again I could revive a couple of hobbies. I've already talked about my photography but that is really a hobby I can only do when the weather is good and I'm mobile so not so good for the winter months. I could take up painting again. I used to be very good at it, even if I say so myself, and when younger had several local exhibitions where I managed to sell a few pieces. However I specialised in landscapes so the same problem arises. Add to that the fact that I'm way out of practice and no longer have any materials to muck about with and you can see the problem.

So what about doing another degree? I could go the Open University route and do it at my own pace, I quite fancy Psychology, but there is the cost. Money will be tight if I give up work and £600 plus per unit will be way out of my budget. Besides how would I justify the time, effort and expense when it is doubtful I'd ever get to use the qualification.

So what about evening classes. A possibility but I'm not sure about going out on cold winter nights to sit in an over heated classroom and listen to someone drone on. The classes I'd like to do are beyond me, I tried Tai Chi a couple of years ago and couldn't keep up then so would have no chance now. Besides if I turned up complete with pump and oxygen bottle I'd probably not get inside the door. Learning a language might be good. I have a smattering of Italian and Greek but would love to be fluent and not just be able to ask 'how much' 'when is the time of the next bus please' or 'where is the nearest toilet'. Again what is the point? Italian would certainly come in handy for the job I have now but if I gave up that job would I ever use it?

I know by now some of you are thinking, why don't you just do it for fun? Well yes it would be fun but I do need motivation, a point to it all. That is just the way I am I'm afraid and as you can see I am excellent at talking myself out of things too. I'm sure I'll find something, it's just going to take more thought.

In the news the Savile scandal has finally been knocked off the top slot by Hurricane Sandy.

Wow what a mess it has left behind so far and it is still going. New York in winter is not a nice place to be at the best of times. I know I've been there in February about ten years ago, so I cannot imagine how bad it will be now. Back then the wind was bitter and the hotel we were in 'rocked' in strong gusts. It was quite un-nerving as we were on the 20th floor and I don't like heights. I would have been hysterical if I had been there these last few days. What worries me is that when ever the US has a storm, we tend to get something similar a week or so later. I will be keeping a firm eye on my barometer over the next few days and if it starts to drop I will let you know.

Also in the news are reports that the makers of the Star Wars epics are thinking of making another three films. What? Stop already, you've done it all, there is nothing left you can possible make a film about is there? I admit I am not and never was a Star Wars fan so this news is not something that is going to make me jump up and down with glee. I am of the opinion that sometimes a cash cow can be milked to much. I think this might just be one of those times.

Well better go and get ready. I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.