Sunday, 14 October 2012

Strictly Shattered.

I am still on a high after my visit to Papworth and I keep getting surges of joy and hope which frighten me a bit as I'm not used to them. I have managed to reign myself in a bit but still find myself grinning like an idiot when ever anyone says anything.

I was late coming home last night having got caught up on a complicated call five minutes before I was due to leave so i was less than impressed to find one of the cats had been sick in the middle of the living room. Having cleared up I decided to get things out of the way by doing my drug routine about 30 minutes early. This meant I could settle in front of the TV to watch an uninterupted evening of Strictly followed by the qualifying for the Korean Grand Prix. It was gone eleven by the time I hit my pillow and almost nine when I woke up this morning.

Peter has had a frustrating few days as well. He is expecting delivery of an important package but as yet it hasn't arrived. Well actually it did but was taken away again.

On Thursday I was sitting in the living room watching the lunchtime news when I heard something come through the letter box. Thinking it was junk, we get a lot of that, I waited until the item I was interested in was over before going to check what it was. To my utter astonishment I found a card from the deliver company saying they had tried to make the delivery but no one was in. I open the front door in time to see a van hurtling down the street. I was furious! He hadn't even rung the doorbell so how could he say no one was in? Having read the card again it said they would try to deliver on Friday and if we were going to be out to indicate where we wanted the parcel put and pin the card to the door.

We were both going to be out so we asked our neighbour if she was going to be in and she was, all day. Friday came and around midday my neighbour walked from the living room to the kitchen to make herself some lunch and found a card on the doorstep saying exactly the same as it had on Thursday. Again she didn't hear anyone knock or ring the doorbell.

Unfortunately we were both home too late to ring the company and complain so Peter is gearing himself up for a fight on Monday.

So back to Strictly.

It is the first week of the vote off and my money is on Michael Vaughan. The man is as stiff as a poker and has more than just two left feet. I cringed when watching him which is pity as he seems like a lovely bloke. Jerry Hall is my other candidate as the years of modelling and 'standing straight' means she is not at all flexible and so comes across as really stiff. Jerry doing the jive? Something I'd rather not see thanks.

Stand outs for me this week were Richard who was a hoot. Colin, Louis and Sid also hit the spot with me if not with the judges. I was glad that Victoria Pendleton did so much better this week and I think has saved herself from getting booted this week. Lisa was good but I think she suits the Latin dances better as she came across a bit flat this week. Everyone else was rather mediocre, which usually happens on the second dance, except perhaps Denise. She is this series 'must go' figure for me. She is immensely unlikable, smug just doesn't cover it, but unfortunately I had to admit her jive was very good. I fear she is going to be with us a few more weeks yet but I don't think she is going to win. I haven't quite worked out who yet but I think Colin and Louis are definitely in the running.

So I'm now off to make lunch and then Peter and I are going to settle down and watch the recording of today's GP. We could have got up to watch it live at six o'clock this morning but that was never going to happen, especially as I have to be up at six for work tomorrow. There is only so much a girl can take.

Next blog Tuesday.