Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hold Me Back

Last rest day and then back to work tomorrow, doesn't time fly when you are having fun.

I'm on my own today so have been misbehaving and have vacuumed and mopped the floors, done the ironing and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. This afternoon will be spent on the settee watching TV and not feeling one iota of guilt. My problem is that when I'm feeling really well, as I am at the moment, I take the opportunity to do everything I can't do normally. I know it is naughty and I'd probably stay well longer if I didn't but I can't help myself. I can't just sit and look at the pile of dishes in the sink or the muddy paw prints in the hall. I know this feeling isn't going to last for long, next week I could well be suffering from a cold or worse so I do what I can when I can.

Actually it won't be all afternoon. We are both at work all day tomorrow and are expected home within half an hour of each other so I'm going to be chopping veggies for the slow cooker so we can have a nice warming stew for tea. I've had my slow cooker since my grandmother gave it to me when I got married and I've barely used it so I've decided this winter things will change and I'm going to cook lots of yummy things in it. It will be nice to come home from a hell of a day and have something warm and comforting without having to do anything more than stir and serve. It might help with me gain a bit of weight too.

World war three has erupted on the PH forum again. It amazes me how one small innocuous comment can spark a row that includes name calling and personal insults. Especially on a forum which is supposed to be supportive. I will just read and not comment, it is just not worth the aggravation. I am sad to see that the same names are cropping up, again. It seems there are still people who despite telling everyone we are all different all the time still believe that their's are the only opinions that count.

My search for car insurance goes on and I am fuming!

My current insurer sent me a quote for renewal of £306. Out of curiosity I went onto their website and put in exactly the same details they had listed on the renewal and got a quote of £256, how does that work? Needless to say they are going to get a call asking them to explain themselves. The earlier quotes of £170 that I'd got on a comparison site, on closer inspection, don't hold up. They exclude things like legal cover and courtesy car both of which are included on my current policy. Once I've added those things in, I mean in this day and age would you really risk not having legal cover, the quote is nearer the £250 - £280 mark. Insurance companies are so bloody sneaky, I absolutely hate having to do this every year I really do.

I fear I might have to embrace technology soon. I have seen and fallen for a phone, unfortunately it is a touch screen, something I have never got on with. Having played with Peter's phone I have long since decided that touch screens are the devil's work. I spend ages tapping, stroking and jabbing at it and it does nothing. I breath on it and it deletes several unread texts and connects itself to to the Internet and refuses to be unconnected. It took Peter almost half an hour to undo the damage I'd caused.

Now this phone is calling to me, it is absolutely determined to be mine. It tempts me with promises of unlimited texts, 1GB of free downloads and more air time than I'd ever use and all for £12.50 a month. How can I resist? I don't know but I'm going to give it a bloody good try because I know that if I bought it I'd be close to a nervous breakdown within half a day.

Well got to go and get some lunch and then settle down with the Vicar of Dibley, box set of course. Well they say laughter is the best medicine.

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