Saturday, 27 October 2012

Feed The Birds, Tuppence A Bag

Well I should have more faith in people I really should.

An hour late but deeply apologetic my tyre man turned up just seconds before I was going to phone and complain. He'd had problems with his previous customer and couldn't phone me because although he'd copied down my address he hadn't copied my phone number. Phew! My tyres are now all done and my car at least is ready for winter.

Talking of which it was really cold this morning but very sunny and despite the chill the bright blue sky was very welcome. Everything looks so much better when the sun is out. However I am hearing that some parts of the country woke up to a light dusting of snow. Now I love snow if I don't have to go anywhere but as I'm due in work at eight tomorrow morning I'm rather hoping it doesn't spread.

In anticipation of the coming bad weather I spent yesterday cleaning and filling all my bird feeders. I've hung one up in the garden but there doesn't seem to be much interest in it at the moment. I suspect because of the mild damp weather we've had so far there are still plenty of berries, grains and insects floating around. That will change if we get a sudden cold snap though so I thought I'd get myself prepared, just in case.

My cake making didn't happen as Andrew and Svet decided to have some fun in the kitchen. I don't know what they did exactly but they had to wash the floor afterwards. Maybe it's best I don't know. The result was a rather dense cake but it tastes wonderful so I cannot complain, and it saved me a job. Tonight he is taking her out to a posh restaurant for a special meal before she flies back home tomorrow. I, of course, am the taxi for this little venture. Nice to know I still have some uses.

My warfarin book came back in the post and disappointingly my INR has dropped a point so I've got to go back in three weeks instead of the ten I was hoping for. Never mind it is only one point and easy enough to correct. Hopefully next test I'll be back to a ten week gap.

Tarmac is back to his old self and is being a complete nuisance with it. He is doing all the usual stuff, demanding food, trying to get into bed with me in the middle of the night and curling up on my lap in front of the TV and yet there is something not quite right. He has a 'look' about him, I can't really describe it but have seen it on the faces of very ill humans. He definitely is not in any pain but I suspect he must feel there is something not quite right. It doesn't seem to have slowed him down any but I am keeping a very close eye on him. The last thing I want is for him to suffer so the first sign of any pain and I'll be contacting the vet. I just hope it isn't anytime soon.

It is now a month since April was snatched in Machynlleth and there is still no sign of her. The man who is accused of taking her is still refusing to say where he put her and the search has been scaled down. April is no longer news, as the mass evacuation of the media will testify. The village hall that was used as a meeting point for media and search teams alike has returned to its day to day use and all has gone quite. There is still a search though. Locals have had to return to work but in their spare time people are still organising themselves and going out to search the surrounding countryside. Common sense dictates that they are probably searching in vain as the most likely scenario is that she was dumped in the river and is now far out to sea. However the community is not willing to give up just yet. The time will come of course but when no one is willing to say.

Also in the news yet more revelations about Jimmy Savile (I have been spelling his name wrong, sorry) and the growing scandal surrounding his activities at the BBC. Footage has come to light of Savile molesting a girl on air on Top of the Pops while introducing one of the acts. Having seen the footage it seems pretty obvious what is happening though at the time viewers probably though she's been pinched by someone behind her. What makes this footage even more sickening is the knowledge that as soon as the cameras were off her she went to a floor manager and complained. She was told, and I quote,  “Get lost — it's just Jimmy messing about.” Unbelievable isn't it.

Freddie Starr, who has also been accused by one of Savile's victims of groping her is practically begging to be interviewed by police in order to clear himself of the accusation. Who can blame him? I still think he must be innocent because his insistence is not that of a guilty man. However I was wrong about Savile so we all know what my judgement is like.

Strictly is on tonight but I won't be able to write about it as I'm at work tomorrow so I will make my prediction now. Bottom two, Michael and Nicky with Michael to go.

Don't forget the clocks go back tonight, an extra hour in bed.

Next blog Thursday.