Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I've Got The Shivers And The Shakes

To those I upset this week with my thoughtless comments I am truly sorry. I never meant to upset, embarrass or distress you. What I said was said without thinking and there was no malice intended. Please accept my unequivocal apologies, I hope you will one day be able to forgive me and we can return to normal.

I am my own worst enemy.

Despite only three hours sleep Sunday night, feeling distinctly weird in the shower and not being able to face breakfast what did I do? Well I got up at six and went to work of course. Idiot! Naturally I didn't tell anyone how shattered I was until I realised there was no way I was going to make it through to six that afternoon and left early. It seems that despite my paranoid rubbing down of my chair, keyboard, mouse, phone, desk and monitor with alcohol wipes and the gallons of anti-bacterial hand wash I've caught something. By the time I got home I was alternating between boiling and shivering and despite, or maybe because, I only managed half my sandwich at lunch time, distinctly nauseous. I was especially cross because I was supposed to be doing a full day again. Oh well I'll just have to try again when I'm feeling better. Of course I could well have picked this up from anywhere not just work but you can't alcohol wipe the whole world.

I had a hot bath and then checked my line entry site for any signs of infection. Thankfully it was clean and dry with no signs of redness or weeping. Satisfied that I wasn't going to have to go screaming into A&E for some intravenous antibiotics I re-dressed it and got into my pj's. Wrapped in a blanket I made a huge mug of tea and headed for the settee where I stayed all evening, only getting up to refresh my mug alternating with hot honey and lemon and a large dose of paracetamol. By ten I'd added a duvet to the mix and my teeth were chattering and I was thinking 'flu'. It would, of course, be just like me to get flu three weeks after being vaccinated for it.

This morning I woke up feeling as though I'd been punched in the face and dizzy. Another bath and several cups of tea later I'm feeling rough but not as bad as I'd thought. I have a horrible throat and a thumping head but so far today no shivers. I was supposed to be going to the warfarin clinic but I've had to cancel. The receptionist started to argue, because it is ten weeks since my last test, but when I said flu she changed her tune and I'm now booked in for next Wednesday. I am due my pneumonia jab on Friday, ever the optimist I haven't cancelled that yet, I'll see how I am on Thursday. If it is the flu then it is a mild dose, but I'm inclined to think it might just be a bug. We will see.

The search for little April is now being scaled down There is still a sizable presence though and of course the locals are still going out as often as they can and combing every inch of the surrounding area. How awful for her parents, not knowing must be ten times worse than being told of her death. In their hearts they must know of course but the glimmer of hope will remain for years to come.

The Jimmy Saville scandal has now moved from the sublime to the ridiculous.

At the start of the scandal he was still referred to as Sir Jimmy Saville, then he became Jimmy Saville and now he is just plain Saville. His gravestone has been taken down and broken up and some are even calling for him to be dug up and reburied in unhallowed ground. I'm sorry but is this thirst for revenge going a bit far now, if not becoming a bit bazaar? How is any of this going to help his alleged victims? And please do remember none of this has been proved yet and no trial has taken place.

Every day more and more 'victims' are adding their voices. Is it just me who thinks this is all just a little bit weird? All those people and in fifty years no one said ANYTHING? How is that even possible? Was Jimmy Saville God?

Now more accusations have started to come out regarding the other DJ's around at the time.

John Peel (also dead and unable to defend himself) has been accused of getting a fifteen year old pregnant. A letter has been produced as proof but doesn't actually say too much. And mow a newsreader has come forward to claim that Dave Lee Travis aka The Hairy Cornflake molested her in the studio. Now I may be wrong here but I'm betting that, especially in the '70's and '80's, you don't get far in TV without being able to hold your own and frankly being a bit of a hard nut, so why has she only mentioned this now? Call me cynical but could it possibly have anything to do with raising the profile of a fading career? At least DLT is still able to give his side of the story which I suspect will be a 'it never happened'.

There is one high profile casualty so far though. Esther Rantzen looks as though she is going to lose her reputation as protector of children, consumer campaigner and all round good guy as several charities prepare to ditch her, including Childline which she set up. This is something I do agree with as if she saw what she says she saw she should have said something. Yes I know Esther claims she did and was ignored but the persona she has cultivated is one of dogged determination and so one would have expected her to persevere until she was taken seriously. It sounds very like she was protecting her career and if so her actions were shameful to say the least.

Will we ever know exactly what went on, I doubt it. Will anyone be punished? Well clearly not the main alleged offender. All I know for sure is this is going to rumble on for many, many months, if not years.

Strictly Watch

Well I got that wrong!

My favourite of the night ended up in the bottom two, shows how much I know. The two who I thought were certain to go didn't even get into the dance off. Instead it was Richard and poor old Johnny who were left to face the judges.

I am really pleased the judges have the final decision again as there is no doubt that fan base makes a difference. At least the judges can chose who actually walks off on ability. I was sad to see Johnny go as he was far from the worst dancer of the night.Unfortunately he was the oldest, and his fate was sealed. Yes he probably would not have been as fast and athletic in the Latin dances but he had style.

As for the X Factor, which I am still not watching, I hear that once again a talented singer was voted off in favour of a hysterical showman who is all glitter and no gold. Seems that producers had words with the judges before the show this time.

Well time for more paracetamol and tea, Looking forward to an afternoon nap already.