Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

Thank you everyone for all the kind comments following yesterday's blog. Good news is multiplied when shared.

Well after all the excitement and fear of Monday I finally got a really good night's sleep. I was up early though and decided to tackle the weekly shop first thing so I could relax for the rest of the day. Still buoyed by my good news and feeling really well I forsook my trike and went on foot. I didn't appear to suffer any ill effects though I put my oxygen on and will be taking is easy this afternoon. I maybe well now but I need to stay that way and build myself up for the assessment. I'm still so excited, I'm hopping around like a giddy school girl and try as I might the cautionary me just can't reign myself in. It is definitely a truism that you don't know how important something is to you until you are told you cannot have it.

Before being turned down by Harefield I'd scared myself silly thinking I might die during the operation and if I didn't how much pain there is going to be during and after. I'd all but convinced myself that I was better off as I am. Then when they turned me down my whole world fell in and all I could see was a long, drawn out, painful death and the knowledge that I was never going to feel any better than I do now was almost too much to bare. Now there is hope, OK, still a slim hope but I am an optimist at heart and tend to believe things will get better  eventually. So I'm going to enjoy this feeling while is lasts. Plenty of time to feel miserable if the worst does happen.

My arm where I had my flu jab is still red though the swelling and itching have now gone. I'm due a pneumonia jab next week, I just hope they don't stick it in the same arm.

The Saville row continues and now there are claims that the abuse had gone on for fifty years. Fifty years! And during all that time no one say anything! I for one find that so hard to believe, what did this man have over everyone? Surely no one is THAT powerful? His much vaunted triple headstone has been taken down, broken up and sent to landfill while roads are being renamed and charities are busy trying to dissociate themselves from his name. Isn't this all be bit premature? What happened to innocent until proven guilty? OK so there are a lot of rumours and claims and new claims are coming to light everyday but at this stage all they are are rumours and claims. While some may well be true some might just be jumping on the band waggon to see what they might get out of it. After all Saville isn't going to be able to prove their claims right or wrong is he. I have to say I find the whole thing very worrying and distasteful. I am glad the police are launching an investigation but I do hope they investigate each claim very, very carefully. Yes they will have to be sensitive but they must keep in mind that some might just be making these claims to get themselves noticed.

Sadly hope for April has all but gone and although the police have vowed to keep on searching they can't possibly justify the level of manpower for very much longer. I notice that the news reports on progress are fewer and her story has been knocked off the front pages of the news papers and no longer dominates news bulletins. It is very sad that April's fate is no longer as important as what an idiot of a politician may have said at a conference but unfortunately the world marches on and soon enough there will be another horror story to grab the nations attention. I hope she is found for her parents sake but if they are hoping that Mark Bridger will ever reveal where she is they are in for a long wait. Either he is protecting someone or he mistakenly believes no body means no conviction.

Well it's that time of year again when I try not to get myself ripped off by the car insurance people. The renewal notice quoted by my current insurer is almost £150 more than most of the quotes I've brought up on a comparison sight. It annoys me that I have to go through this every year because insurance companies are just not interested in loyalty and therefore make no effort to keep customers. I have a 15 year no claims discount so you'd have though they'd want to snap me up wouldn't you but no sadly that is not the case. Oh well better get on with my afternoon of looking for the best deal.