Thursday, 1 November 2012

Scooby Do Where Are You?

Well as far as Halloween nights go last night was a complete wash out, literally.

I was poised, bucket of lollies at the ready, from five o;clock but as the evening wore on it soon became clear that I was going to be left with them. Maybe it was the lack of pumpkin or maybe the bad weather, which got worse as the night went on, but I didn't get a single caller. I was amazed as last year we were inundated. I don't think it was just us though as watching from the window I saw no one roaming the streets apart from commuters and the usual dog walkers. How weird is that? However it now leaves me with a bucket full of uneaten sweets that will take Pete and I at least a year to finish.

My mystery illness is a virus, no doubt about it. The glands in my neck and throat are up and my throat looks very red and feels scratchy. I've still got to wait for blood test results to ensure no infection but I am relieved to say the least. My lungs are crystal clear but I have been given more antibiotics to be kept on standby just in case things change. Other than that there is nothing they can do so the advice is get plenty of rest, drink as much as I can and just ride it out. I am feeling so much better today so I'm obviously beginning to shake it off anyway. I still have the dry throat and mouth and my chest still feels a bit 'raw' but my cough has reduced and I'm feeling hungry again. The nausea is being looked into as it might be that I'm getting used to the pill I take. As for the increase in the Flolan, well it is possible that I will need to do that sometime soon but this will be discussed fully when I go to see them at the end of November.

So with a bit of luck I'll be back fighting fit in a couple of days. Another crisis averted.

Lay in bed last night listening to the wind lash the rain against the window. I love stormy nights when I'm warm and snug and can just lie and listen. It is a small pleasure in life, and some would say a rather weird one, but each to there own. The only thing that was missing was the roar of the sea hitting the promenade wall. I do sometimes really miss not living by the sea anymore.

The windy weather has brought out a pest that only seems to appear in autumn.

Tree surgeons, well supposed tree surgeons. Twice yesterday we had someone knocking on our door asking us if we wanted out Silver Birch 'trimmed'. The answer is always the same, 'no' but they keep coming. The tree is my absolute pride and joy and yet ever since we moved in twenty years ago people have wanted to cut it down. Not our neighbours but strangers who just seem to take exception to it and see it as a way to may a quick buck. The tree is fully mature now, and strong and healthy. It stood firm through the 1987  'hurricane' and has stayed firm ever since but our callers are not convinced. I think I've heard every argument as to why I should allow this butchery and for tree surgeons they are surprisingly ignorant about this particular tree.

'The roots will spread and undermine your foundations."
"No, the roots of the Silver Birch grow in the same way as the branches and go straight down."
"The roots will damage pipes and electricity cables."
"There are no pipes or cables in our back garden, we've checked."
"The height it is makes it unstable and any high wind is likely to uproot it. Trees should not be allowed to grow that tall."
"Have you heard of the Giant Redwood?"

Eventually they do go away, but for two or three months every year, mostly spring and autumn we are bombarded with callers and leaflets. It is very annoying to say the least.

A word of advice, never use a Lush massage bar as an emergency moisturiser no matter how desperate you are.

I have very dry skin in the winter and I noticed this morning that I needed a bit of  moisture after getting out of the shower. I've been meaning to buy some body lotion for weeks but keep forgetting and the only thing I had to hand was one of the massage bars. So I rubbed it all over and to be fair it has relieved the tight, itchy feeling but I'm now as slick as an otter and am leaving greasy marks on the arms of my study chair. I think this might need a re-think, some soap and a flannel and a trip out for Peter to pick an alternative up.

In the newspaper this morning I read a story entitled 'The Unluckiest Woman Alive'.

This is a story of a thirty year old mum who has had four cancers in her short lifetime and is about to start chemo for another one. I have nothing but sympathy for her plight but would argue the title of the piece. Although I would agree that she has been incredibly unlucky is she really the unluckiest person alive? I suspect other cancer sufferers along with those suffering from PH, MS or any other progressive, debilitating illnesses might beg to differ.

On the news I watched a New Yorker being interviewed and bemoaning the fact that he had to walk to work because the subway is still down. He spoke as though he was personally insulted by the enforced exercise. In New York the subway will be back up and running by next week and his life will return to normal. Did he give any thought to those still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Katrina seven years later. No!

Well better go and degrease myself, until tomorrow.