Thursday, 25 October 2012

Preparing To Say Goodbye

Tarmac is dying.

My beautiful, soft furred, affectionate little cat has liver cancer. He has been off his food for the last couple of days and has been looking rather sorry for himself so yesterday afternoon I took him to see the vet. He was diagnosed with a bug and given two lots of antibiotics, then we were told the bad news. While examining him the vet discovered a lump on his liver, a big lump. I was aghast, how did I miss something like that? Well apparently it is easy to do. Apart from losing a bit of weight and the occasional vomiting session hes been his lovely, mad, lively self. Racing up and down the stairs, fighting with Smirnoff and waking me up in the middle of the night for a cuddle when he's come in soaking wet. I can't tell you how shocked I am, and how guilty, if only I'd taken him to the vet sooner. However liver cancer in cats is difficult to detect until it is more or less beyond treatment. I am assured that he is not in any pain but also warned that he really only has a few weeks left, days if the antibiotics don't work and he doesn't eat something soon. I am bereft.

Today he is a lot perkier and got up on the bed this morning to nudge me awake and then curled up with his head on my shoulder while he waited for me to get up and feed him. I was delighted when he raced down the stairs in front of me, as he usually does, and when I found the food gone from last night. I put a fresh meal down and he gobbled enthusiastically and is now sleeping it off under the rocking chair. He cannot be operated on and the only treatment would be chemo, which would extend his life but would be extremely unpleasant. At the age of fourteen I don't want to put him through all the pain and discomfort such treament would entail. The vet wants me to ring him on Friday to give him an update and to decide what to do. While he is not in any discomfort I want to keep him for as long as I can. I would prefer he die at home, in his sleep, in a place he knows rather than in the cold hard surgery where he would be scared stiff. If that can be achieved then I will happy, well not happy exactly but I'm sure you know what I mean.

The big clean up is finished and the spare room looks lovely, it was a bit of tip as Peter had put all his tools in there whilst working on the bathroom and hadn't yet cleared them out. All that is left is to make up the bed and it will be perfect.

This afternoon we are facing a trip to Heathrow to pick Andrew's girlfriend up and I bet you can't guess when. Yes! Right in the middle of rush hour. I am fully prepared to be held up on both the M1 and the M25 in both directions. Don't get me wrong, she's a really nice girl but rush hour! Really?

In the news the Saville scandal just keeps growing and growing. I read a story in one of the newspapers that claimed that one of the senior aids in Downing Street was also part of Saville's group. Where is it going to end?

This morning I have once again arranged to have my tyres changed ready for winter.

I buy my tyres online and then get a mobile fitter to come and put them on for me. This is not only cheaper than going to a garage but means I can sit in my warm dry living room instead of a filthy, cold waiting room filled with car magazines. I was supposed to have them done last Friday but he never turned up. I rang him up asking why and it turns out his dippy assistant had put the appointment down on the wrong day and he thought he was coming this Friday. As it turns out this suits me fine so I've kept it.

As I write wonderful aroma's are wafting up from my kitchen. I'm trying a new recipe for Beef and Beer casserole in my slow cooker. I've done this many times before in the oven but not in the slow cooker, so this is a bit of an experiment. It certainly smells absolutely delicious, I just hope it tastes as good.

Well I'd better go. I've still got to make up the bed in spare room and then check on Tarmac. I will keep you posted.