Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Fog On The Tyne Is All Mine, All Mine

What dreadful weather we are having at the moment. Three days straight of thick fog and drizzle. It made for some very interesting journeys to and from work though and gave me the chance to try my fog lights for the first time this winter.

This morning I woke up to even thicker fog and the realisation that I couldn't lounge about in bed with the papers as I had to attend the Warfarin clinic. Now I really shouldn't moan, this will be my first test in ten weeks as I've been really stable of late but I really didn't want to go out in this sort of weather, again. However I knew that putting it off would only mean I had it hanging around my neck like a lead weight and would earn me a ticking off from the rather stern and scary receptionist. So I bit the bullet and went deciding I would combine the appointment with a trip to Tesco's to stock up for Andrew's girlfriend who is visiting for a few days. I'm glad I went now as I was richly rewarded with possibly the best natural comedy I've witnessed this year.

My usual group of old ladies were not there as I'd arrive a bit early for them so I settled myself down behind another group of pensioners consisting of two men and three women. I quickly established that they were of Irish descent and they were discussing the Saville scandal. I came in late to the conversation but this is what I heard.

Lady 1 : 'Well he always did dress funny.'
Lady 2 : 'Yes, you can always tell those sort of people by their clothes'
Man 1 : 'What sort of people?'
L1 : 'Funny people Ken, you know those paedophilliacs.'
Ken : 'Paedophilliacs? Don't they have something wrong with their blood?'
L1 : 'No, no those are something different.I mean those people that grab kids and do things with them.'
Ken : ' What things?'
L1 : 'These things.' At which point she ran her hand up Ken's thigh.
Ken : 'Oh I liked that Marcia, do that again.'

The group collapsed into hoots of laughter and I had great difficulty resisting the urge to join in.

Lady 3 didn't seem to approve of the way the conversation was going to attempted to steer it back to safer ground such as her latest replacement bit. It seemed that the group were part human part machine by the list of hips, knees and teeth that had been replaced. I was about to discover the cause of the replacement knee, which was giving her 'gip' because of the wet weather, when I was called in to see the nurse.

Blood done we then headed to Tesco which for once was fairly quiet. Andrew's girlfriend from Bulgeria is coming for a brief stay on Thursday so I wanted to make sure there was plenty in the cupboards as last time she was here they went through crisps and apples like wildfire.

Back home it was the great clear up. Don't get the wrong impression, my house is not dirty by any stretch of the imagination but it does tend to be a bit untidy. I also cannot move furniture around when vacuuming so under the settee, for instance, doesn't get done as often as I'd like so when I know someone is coming over I get Peter to do it for me while I tackle the lighter jobs such as cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen. I have just squirted some 'no scrub' cleaner all over the bath and shower and am taking ten minutes out to write this up while it does what it does.

In the news I stayed up on Monday to watch the Panorama programme on Saville and what the BBC knew about him. It truly was an eye opener and I have no doubt in my mind that he did do all those things. I still cannot get why he was allowed to get away with it though.

Strictly Watch

Well this week I called the bottom two correctly, however I chose the wrong couple to be going. I was convinced Michael was out the door. I don't think he'll last much longer though, not unless one of the other couples have an absolute horror of a week.

My favourite this week has to be Colin, his dance was polished and controlled and actually pretty sexy though I could have done without Kristina crawling all over him as though he were a set of gym bars. I felt really sorry for Sid, he looked uncomfortable from the off and that ridiculous wig did absolutely nothing for him. Victoria got into a bit of a twist and flashed her knickers while Lisa leaped about as though she was being electrocuted. Denise was irritating, as usual, and Kimberley managed to get through the whole show without trembling that bottom lip once.

I will miss Anton as, not only is he a good dancer but he is witty as well but Jerry was never going to put in the effort to make it all the way. I do hope they get Anton to stand in for Bruce when he takes his rest week. Talking of Bruce's rest week, I see the doom and gloom merchants are out muttering about his age and his health. If I had one tenth of Bruce's energy or good health I'd be a very happy girl and at 84, if he wants a rest he can have one.

Well must go and see if the bathroom cleaner has done what it says on the can, then it's off to do the kitchen.