Monday, 1 October 2012

Trouble At Mill

Oh dear there were some problems with my blog yesterday and a few people found that the link on my Facebook page was blocked. After a lot of searching I finally found a way of contacting FB to ask what was going on. I haven't had a reply yet but the fault seems to have cleared up for now. i'm sure someone will tell me if it hasn't.

My first thought was that someone had reported my links for something in them they didn't like so I spent ages trying to work out who I'd upset. Certainly my newest post would not have upset anyone specifically as I don't mention anyone in a bad light so I was at a complete loss. My only conclusion was that someone had not liked my Faith and Morality post for some reason but I don't see how. There are people in the world that don't like me, though most haven't met me, and have devoted their lives to trying to get me kicked off forums or have my messages blocked.Don't ask me why, I've given up trying to work it out and just put it down to one of the risks you take publishing on-line. I have trolls who send me threats and insults on a regular basis because they don't like what I say in my blog sometimes, well always actually. I suppose touching on religion was bound to invite trouble but I don't regret what I posted and it would not surprise me if this is another of their silly little games.

The people who object are not in my situation, they have never, and I pray will never, have to consider the choice between dying slowly or taking a chance on a better life and risk dying quickly during the operation. I defy anyone in my situation to not think about the issues I've highlighted. This blog is not one which skirts around issues. When I started it I vowed that I would not avoid the nastier aspects of being ill and would always be upfront and tell the truth about my situation. I know, because I do read my old blogs from time to time, that sometimes it is uncomfortable reading, sometimes it is very raw and sad, sometimes there is despair but that is me and I'm not changing.

However I've since found out that several links to external sites were blocked yesterday so it seems there might have been a blip with FB. Maybe they were doing some security updates or something. Whatever it was it was bloody irritating and I spent a good couple of hours trying to sort it out.

We escorted Andrew back to his uni last night and it was a good thing we did because he almost took a wrong exit, I think we need to get him a SatNav as soon as possible. He left in a much better frame of mind than when he arrived and I think being at home and talking through his problems has helped enormously. Will he be home next weekend? Probably as it is his birthday but after that I think he might just surprise us.

With nothing to do last night I watched X Factor, well there was nothing else on I really fancied. I wasn't in the mood for something heavy or needing a brain so I went against my instincts. I am so glad I did as it gave me the biggest laugh and a bit of a shock.

The laugh came from 'the youngest contestant on the show', Elle I think her name is who appeared to have arrived in fancy dress. My immediate thought was 'my God, it's Wilma Flintstone!' After that I just couldn't see her as anything else. The hair and make up were perfect and the short off the shoulder dress with fringe at the hem completed the picture. I do hope someone has a word otherwise I will spend every other show I watch in stitches.

The shock came in the form of boy band Union J. Jaymi, or plain old James when I knew him, is one of my ex pupils. It is indeed a small world and I now feel compelled to watch the wretched show to see how he does. Was he a good pupil? Well to be honest I can't remember so he obvious wasn't one of my stars or one of those I dreaded so he probably jogged along not causing me much trouble.

I had my flu jab this morning. I was expecting both flu and pneumonia but they refused to give me both at the same time as they were worried my immune system wouldn't be able to cope. So I've had my flu jab and have an appointment to return for the pneumonia in two weeks.

Andrew has just text to say his first lecture was very interesting. I'm hoping this is a sign that the crisis has now passed.