Friday, 26 October 2012

Being Let Down

I am pleased to say that Tarmac is much better today. He is demanding food, insisting on cuddles and has even had a brief hiss at Smirnoff. He is so bright eyed and bushy tailed it is hard to believe anything is wrong with him. Long may it continue.

As expected the round trip to Heathrow was absolute hell. It was OK going but coming back was a nightmare. Not so much because of the weight of traffic but because of the newly installed variable speed limit. The limit went from sixty to forty and back up to sixty again all in the space of a junction. And it kept doing it all the way along the M4, M25 and M1. Cars were breaking, then speeding up only to suddenly have to break again. I saw countless near misses, especially from lorries and began to feel really unsafe. I have never seen such danger and I've been whizzing up and down these motorways for twenty years or more. Whoever thought variable speed limits on a motorway was a good thing needs their head sorted. It caused more congestion, not less and almost resulted in a multiple pile up more than once. In the end I had enough and got off to continue my journey on normal roads. I don't know if I got home any quicker but it was a hell of a lot safer.

Once home I left the showing to the room and offering of food to Andrew and Peter and went straight upstairs to do my drugs. By the time I'd finished everyone was fed and watered and settled. Peter took pity on me and brought me a cup of tea with a straw in it so I could drink and stay sterile. Then we all gathered to watch the new Red Dwarf before I headed to bed early, absolutely shattered. I think next time I will offer to drive there rather than back.

After two rather hectic days I going to take it easy and join Andrew and Svet on the settee to watch a film this afternoon but first I've got some baking to do. Yes I'm going to make another attempt at a cake but this time I'm sticking with one I've had success with before so am fairly confident I won't make a complete mess of it.

Well it is quarter past ten and my tyre man was supposed to be here at ten. I am beginning to get the feeling that he's not interested and I'm being given the run around. Yes he may just be running late but I'm not that convinced. It looks like I might have to haul the tyres into the boot and go and sit in a smelly, cold waiting room after all.

My neighbour has renewed his war on commuters parking outside his house by parking his own car on the road instead of on his drive. He did this yesterday but didn't park centrally enough and so a cheeky driver managed to squeeze his fiesta into the gap. Today my neighbour has made sure by parking completely in the middle and so far it seems to be working. He will keep his car there until around eleven and then move his car back onto the drive until Monday. I don't know why he insists on doing this but it is his petrol and time he's wasting and it is quite amusing to watch.

I have decided not to do a pumpkin carving this year. It is a lot of effort and with the kids now grown up there is little point. I did buy an enormous bucket of lollies for the trick or treaters though and am happily munching my way through all my favourites. I don't normally buy sweets so Halloween is the once excuse I have left and I'm not willing to give it up just yet.

Well I'd better go. I'm going to yell at my tyre man and then try and find a garage that will agree to fit tyres they haven't sold me. Wish me luck.