Thursday, 18 October 2012

Expect The Unexpected.

There was good news this morning. The University of Sheffield has discovered a possible treatment for PH that will not only halt the disease in its tracks but reverse it. How wonderful! And it is all down to little things called antibodies. Of course the PH community are abuzz with excitement but sadly those of us already on the journey are unlikely to benefit as so far the only tests have been on mice and rats and clinical trials on humans are still 'several years' away. Still the news signals a possible end to this horrible illness and that is good enough for me.

Yesterday I paid an unexpected visit to Laurence. He needed some brackets put up and asked his father for help. I was reluctant to go at first as I wasn't feeling good but Peter pointed out that I could lie on the settee watching crap at Laurence's just as well as I could at home. Agreeing he had a point I soon found myself bundled into the front seat of the car and off we went. As usual Peter was right and getting out made me feel a whole lot better. We went the scenic route through Bedford and up the A6 and it was lovely.

The trees have yet to lose their leaves but have started to change colour and in the sun sparkled like jewels. Bedfordshire tends get a bit of bad press. Yes there is a lot to dislike but on a warm autumn day some of it is stunning. It wasn't long before we'd pulled up outside Laurence's house where I was ushered into the living room, given the remote and a cup of Earl Grey and left to it while they disappeared upstairs with all manner of tools.

After an hour and a lot of noise they reemerged and we were offered cake before heading back home. It was dark by the time we left and heading down the M1 we noticed it had become very wet but was not raining. We were just pulling into our village when they was a huge flash that lit up the whole sky, unbeknown to us we'd just managed to miss one hell of a storm. Damn! I loved storms and we haven't had many this year.

Two thing happened yesterday which came out of the blue but cheered me up enormously.

First a good friend of mine got in touch and suggested a meet up. We've known each other since the 80's but pressure of work, family life and now my condition means that we don't get together as often as either of us would like. She has suggested a get together over the half term holiday and I can't wait to see her, we have so much catching up to do.

The second surprise was that my first choice of proof reader for my blog book agreed without hesitation. Brilliant! That is one hurdle cleared now all I've got to do is put it together. I've made a good start but it is slow going because every entry has to be checked and double check for spelling, punctuation and of course content. I want to be honest, as I am on here but I don't want to bore people to death with constant moaning about how ill I am either. Hopefully my proof reader will ensure that doesn't happen.

My info pack for Papworth arrived this morning and it's HUGE. It is going to take me a week to get through it, still better than walking into the unknown I suppose.

The Jimmy Saville story just won't go away and today we have news reporter Jon Simpson claiming that he witnessed, or knew of, abuse by a well liked children's presenter. He claims to have brought it to the attention of one of his bosses who told him to forget about it, calling him stupid for his troubles. Now I'm having difficulty with this particular story. We are talking Jon Simpson the man who fearlessly reports from war ravaged cities and disaster zones and has been routinely shot at and bombed for his troubles. I think he has even been injured at one time. He does not sound like a shrinking violet to me so why did he not press his claim at the time? Could it be that once again we have a person who put their career before the safety of little children? If so shouldn't he face the music along with the person he is accusing? Ah hang on a minute, the person he's accusing, whose name I have yet to discover, can't defend himself because he died back in 1967. What a surprise! I'm beginning to wonder if there was anyone at the BBC who wasn't a victim, offender or witness.

Peter is at work this afternoon so I'm free to misbehave but I think I might be a good girl for once and rest up in the hope of seeing off the rest of this bug. I'm feeling a lot better, the awful dizzy spells and nausea have gone and I'm left with a sore throat, slight cough and the usual tight chested feeling that is a feature of everything I catch. I think I'm going to have to cry off my pneumonia jab and rebook it, again, as it probably isn't wise to have more bugs pumped into you when your immune system is already under attack.

Tomorrow I'm having new tyres fitted to my car ready for winter. Joy!