Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Oh my word, things are getting bitchy in the jungle.

Yes it's I'm A Celebrity and last night the camp mates were invited to have a good old moan about Sinitta, an offer taken up with gusto by some. Yes it looks as though Sinitta is not winning any friends with her shrieks and squeals. Some have gone as far as considering that it might be an act to ensure she gets more air time. I must admit I hadn't thought about that possibility but looking back on it I think they might be onto something. Whatever the reason for the dismal star count Sinitta had better buck up or she'll be finding herself in the pot.

Pat is a nasty man, he was horrible to poor old Lorraine, threatening to cut off the head of her teddy bear Tedward. I can see his point, a sixty year old with a teddy bear humm, but he really went over the top. It seems it was game play to get the viewers to hate him enough to vote for him for the trial. He said he was fed up with not eating and obviously feels he will do so much better than Sinitta, which is probably true. I can't help but feel there was more than acting behind the digs and taunts though. Whatever, he got his wish and now it is time to put his money where his mouth is. Part of me wants him to get less stars than Sinitta, just to pay him back but I suspect he will triumph and they will all eat well today.

It was Warfarin clinic day today and I swear I have to wait longer and longer each time I go. The wait today was fifty minutes for a two minute blood test. It really doesn't help that the staff stand around laughing and joking with each other for much of the time while others put their coats on and leave when there are so many waiting there are no seats left. My old ladies were obviously not happy with the way things were going today. Grace was in full flow. 'Well look at that, three of them just standing there chatting. 'Ethel was of a more resigned frame of mind. 'We just have to patient don't we, mind you they are taking their time today.'
This is phrase she uttered once every ten minutes and eventually Grace snapped, 'for goodness sake we shouldn't have to be patient. They should pull their fingers out'. Just then one of the nurses sailed past us with her coat on, probably the worst move she could have made. 'Excuse me', said Grace, 'where are you going when there are all these people waiting?' The nurse just smiled sweetly and continued on her way, Grace was livid, 'well really how rude!' Then Ethel piped up, 'we just have to be patient....' 'Oh shut up', snapped Grace and the group descended into stony silence.

They were not the only ones moaning about the wait. About twenty minutes into my wait a lady immaculately made up and dressed in a fur coat sat down on the seat next to me. Five minutes passed the she let out a loud sigh, swiveled around to glare at the receptionist and checked her watch. She continued this routine about every two minutes and was getting on my nerves when I realised she was speaking to me.
'They are very slow in here, are they always this slow?'
'Most of the time.'
'How long have you been waiting?'
'At least half an hour.'
'Half an hour! Well really that is disgraceful. I can't wait half an hour I have things to do.'
'Is this your first time?'
'Well if I were you I'd allow a couple of hours each trip because I'm rarely seen in under forty minutes, once I waited over an hour.'
'Well I'm not waiting that long.'
And with that she got up and stalked over to reception like a battleship on full steam. I was furious that my name got called before she came back. When I'd finished I noticed as I walked past that she was sitting back in her seat looking slightly flushed. As anyone knows, never go into battle with a NHS receptionist unless you are prepared to loose.

Andrew had his first driving lesson and proudly announced that not only did he not stall but he'd got up to second gear. I think he's got a way to go.

Had a text from Laurence at lunch time to announce he'd made himself some pasta and it was a success. He also said that he's got a Domino's within walking distance. Ah well at least I know he won't starve.

Off to visit Laurence again tomorrow and take a few bit and pieces we've found he's left behind. Will probably the last visit for a while, barring any crisis, so I will be making the most of it.