Friday, 4 November 2011

Dawning Of A New Era

Things still haven't been decided at work so everyone is still very fraught. Well I say everyone but that's not true because the lucky ones already know what they are doing. I think this is unfair and everyone should be told at the same time and lots of my colleagues, including those who have been told what they are doing agree. The decision to tell half of us while the rest are still waiting has meant things are a little tense at the moment.

I'm still only doing four hours a day at the moment but am coping really well so hope to increase to six hours in the next week or two. I am desperate to get back to my full hours and am having to pull myself back as I know charging into ten hours shifts without a slow build up would probably see me off sick again. This is something I've got to do slowly and gradually. I'll get there eventually, I've just got to learn to be patient with myself. I've also started to look for other jobs within the organisation as I think it might be time to move onto something more secure than the job I'm in now.

In the news Greece is still causing everyone problems. This country has it's own financial problems and yet we are paying several billions to the IMF to help bail Greece out. How can this be right when we are not even in the Euro zone. It just doesn't make sense and doesn't seem fair. Surely that money could be better spent supporting local businesses, the NHS or schools. I do not understand why we always have to give money to everyone else. Scaremongers are saying that if Greece goes under so will Italy and Ireland and the collapse could even bring about another world war. It seems that something just are not bad enough for everyone they want a war thrown in as well.

Andrew is now desperate to go back to Bulgaria sometime next year so is on the hunt for a job. He's going to be spending the weekend trawling the local pubs and restaurants in the hope of finding some work. Finger crossed.

The countdown to Laurence's house move gathers pace and he is getting quite excited if not a little nervous about it. He has confessed that he doesn't think he is going to like going home to an empty house. However the thought of having his own space soon negates those worries and I can tell he can't wait. It can't be easy for a twenty three year old to be living out of one room in his parents house so I do understand his need to move on but I am so going to miss him.

At his work they have all decided to grow mustaches for the month of November for Children In Need and he is currently sporting a shadow of a dead caterpillar on his upper lip. I dread to think what it is going to look like by the thirtieth  as he already looks shifty.

There are so many changes happening at the moment both personally and world wide. I wonder where it will all end.