Monday, 21 November 2011

Dance Like Nobodies Watching

Meet up with Laurence this afternoon to stock up at Costco. He has bought enough toilet rolls to last him at least a year. His logic is that as he has room to store them why not and save himself endless shopping trips, petrol and money. He figures that he'll probably only need to visit Costco three or four times a year. He's a much happier boy today, the nerves have gone and now the house is more or less straight he says it is beginning to feel more like home. One down side his next door neighbours had a domestic last night and the police turned up. I hope that doesn't happen too often. We are nipping up again on Wednesday, mainly so Andrew can visit as he hasn't seen the house yet and is bursting with curiosity.

Andrew did not have his first driving lesson today, we got the dates wrong and it is actually tomorrow that he gets behind the wheel.

I am bereft, Russell Grant has left Strictly. It was inevitable I suppose but I'd much rather watch Grant than the mind numbing Holly Valance who seems half asleep during most of her performances. Grant could dance but not very well but boy did he make it fun. He danced the way most of us do when doing the housework and a favourite tune comes on the radio. You'd never dream of doing it if there was the slightest chance of being caught but Russell danced like that in front of millions. What a star! You could also see that he was loving every minute of it and the enjoyment was infectious. He was gallant in defeat but you could see he was upset. Next Saturday's show is going to have less sparkle and razzmatazz that's for sure.

I'm A Celebrity had it's live bush tucker trial last night and who was chosen to do it? Well Sinitta of course. She screamed, she wailed and she shook, mostly when just looking at things. At one point she nearly clouted Ant in the face and covered both presenters in water. Somehow though she managed to get five stars. The worst thing for her was that she had to do it in front of the other camp mates, some of whom are already muttering that she shouldn't be there. You could tell by some of the faces how frustrated they were with her performance. If the public keep voting for her to do the trial the frustration is going to grow because they are all going to starve. For me, although I found her funny at first, last night's performance began to get to me. How can anyone be that scared of everything? The screaming and flapping of arms is just so dramatic and unnecessary. She says she is trying to beat her fears but I don't see much effort being made. I hope someone else gets the trial tonight but I doubt it.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me. OK I have the Warfarin clinic in the afternoon followed by a quick trip to Tesco but that shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. The morning will be spent in bed with a nice cuppa and the papers. After the busy few days I've had I deserve it.