Sunday, 20 November 2011

If I Had A Hammer

A combination of NTL and Laurence has kept me off the Internet for a couple of days so I'm hoping the damn thing behaves itself long enough for me to post this blog.

NTL did some maintenance this weekend and promptly blacked out the whole area. Our Internet connection went down late Friday afternoon and was intermittent through the evening, by Saturday it had gone altogether. A quick phone call revealed that yes it was their fault and they would have it up and running as soon as possible. Since then it has been a bit hit and miss but has mostly stayed up. Some people had it a lot worse than us though. Our neighbours lost the Internet, TV and phone line.

We hit the road at half ten and made it to Rushden just before twelve to find Laurence knee deep in cardboard and bubble wrap. Peter set about putting up the shelves and screwing tables and cupboards together while I perused the kitchen and bathroom looking for something that needed cleaning but Laurence had already done it. So I was relegated to holding piles of screws, bolts, nails and nuts and handing them to whoever needed them. Once the shelves were up the living room rapidly emptied of boxes that had been full of DVD's, CD's and computer games. The coffee table was built, then the computer desk and finally a dining room chair was mended. After that we all sat down and had a cuppa and admired the afternoon's work. I had a bit of a headache from all the thumping and banging and the noise of the electric drill but it soon passed. We left at just gone four as Laurence wanted to go to Asda to stock up and we wanted to be back for Andrew to see how he got on with his new job.

Laurence seems happy enough but confessed that the quiet got to him a little bit that first night. He'll get used to it and now his TV, X box and CD player are all up and working he can at least have some noise around him. We arranged to meet up at Costco on Monday where he is going to stock up on things like toilet rolls and cleaning materials. He likes the idea of buying in bulk and shopping less frequently. it will also save him money in the long term. For me it is another excuse to see him so I'm happy.

Andrew was home waiting for us when we got back. He didn't seem that impressed with his new job which consists of handing out leaflets in a shopping center. He did three hours and got well paid for it but at the moment it is as and when needed so not the regular income he was looking for. Still as I reminded him it is money in the pocket and will do until he can find something else. I also pointed out it isn't exactly hard labour but I think that is part of the problem. Andrew likes to use his brain so I think he found it all rather boring.

Strictly was at Wembley this week and what a fuss they made of it. We were also not allowed to forget the fact with 'Wembley' being mentioned practically every other sentence. It was a good show with, thankfully, no huge eruptions from the judges. The highlight for me was when Robbie Savage dropped Ola and she responded by hitting him in the face and cutting his nose. It wasn't a spectacular drop, more of a letting go too early and she was close to the floor when he did it so no major damage done.

I'm told X Factor was particularly boring this week with not even a sniff of scandal so nothing to write about.

I'm A Celebrity has got me totally enthralled and I'm just loving the trials. Sinetta is going to get voted for everything unless ruled out on health ground as she squeals and jumps at the slightest thing. To be honest I really do not understand why they agree to do it if they are so scared of bugs, rats and snakes. She must have had some idea of it was going to be like so if  she is really that scared that scared why put herself through it. It's different if you have an reaction to something like Freddie Starr had. After all you don't know you are allergic to something until you come up against it but you know you are a complete wimp, don't you?

It was Children In Need on Friday and Sir Terry Wogan was in his element. The event just would not be the same without him and half the viewers must just tune in to hear what he has to say. I did watch some of it but to be honest it is not my kind of thing. I do feel for the people they feature on the programme and I'm really glad that all the money goes to kids in this country but I don't give. I don't give, not because I'm tight but because I prefer to give to charities that I feel really passionate about all year round. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype on the night but I think giving a small amount every month to something you really care about means more than slinging a fiver at someone sitting in a bath of baked beans once a year.

Another busy day ahead tomorrow, I've got to iron the last few bits and pieces that Laurence has left behind then it's off to Costco in the afternoon. Hopefully Tuesday will be a rest day, at least in the morning as I have the Warfarin clinic in the afternoon, deep joy.