Thursday, 17 November 2011

Does That Make Me Crazy?

Yesterday was training day and I found a few things out that were very, very interesting but had nothing to do with the training. How do I miss all this gossip? Everyone else seems to know interesting things that completely pass me by.

The training itself was one of those things where you ask yourself afterwards, what was the point? I spent four hours finding out I did the stuff anyway. Typical.

It was off to the GP in the afternoon as I could feel another chest infection coming on and wanted to catch it early. The GP said he could hear a faint crackle and gave me antibiotics without hesitation. I've had a bad year for infections with one after another, sometimes with barely a week in between. Sometimes I think it must the the same one not completely clearing and coming back. I've been well for about a month this time so this is definitely a new one. I don't feel too bad in myself and am hoping I really have caught it before it becomes full blown and lands me back in bed. Time will tell.

Booked Andrew's first set of driving lessons, the instructor is coming around for a chat on Friday before getting him out in the car. As Andrew already rides a bike I suspect he's going to need more training on the mechanics of driving than on theory and road craft but we will see. I sat him in my car yesterday evening and went through all the controls and let him have a go at changing gears, all with the engine off of course. The rest I'm leaving to his instructor as I don't want to teach him any bad habits that I've picked up over the years.

Today started in a rather relaxed way but promises to be frantic this afternoon. The problem is that I have a very important appointment regarding my transplant. If I miss it I will have to wait until March for another and I just can't do that. The appointment is at two in London. At five in Flitwick we have to pick up a transit van for Laurence's move tomorrow. Only myself or Peter can drive the van due to insurance concerns as Laurence is still under twenty five. This means that in order to get back in time we will have to leave London no later than three. Anyone who has ever been to a hospital appointment will know how likely that's going to be so I'm going to be left in London while Peter drives back to Flitwick, picks up the van and then comes back into London for me. Sounds crazy but it is the only way we can possibly do it. The things we do for our kids.

Laurence confessed last night that he is scared of moving out on his own. This is understandable but I'm sure once he gets a taste of freedom he's going to be fine.

Well must go, got to get ready for the trip into London, Peter and Laurence are at the rental place doing all the paper work for this afternoon to save time. We are going to try and get to the hospital early in the hope it gives me more of a chance of going in on time. I doubt it but it's worth a go.