Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Sweet Smell Of Success

Why is it that when you want to do something in secret the whole world wants to come into the room when normally you are left alone for hours?

I've been trying to buy Peter's birthday present for two days now and whenever I get anywhere close he bowls into the study, sits at his computer and stays there, for hours, while I have to pretend to be madly interested in various news website wishing he would go away. Well if it is late it will be his own fault because at this rate I'm never going to get it ordered.

Yesterday it was off to visit Rushton with Andrew. Andrew has yet to see Laurence's house and was very impressed. Laurence has tidied up now and has got rid of all the boxes cluttering the utility room, kitchen and hall. He has also vacuumed so the whole place now looks neat and tidy. He has done his first wash and as far as we can tell not shrunk anything. I've also had a text today announcing that his latest effort at pasta has been a success. I feel happier now knowing that he is more than capable of looking after himself and if there were a real crisis we are only forty minutes away. I won't be seeing him now until a week Sunday when he is coming around for lunch.

It was drug count day again today when I do my inventory ready for Healthcare At Home to phone me tomorrow to find out how many supplies I have left and arrange delivery of further supplies. Well I say they phone me but for the last four months I've had to phone them. They are not very efficient and either forget to phone me or miss something out of the order. Last month they forgot the sharps bin which meant I had to put all my needles into box until it turned up by post a week later.

Apart from that I've had a really lazy day today. I've been out everyday since last Sunday and really felt the need to recharge my batteries. I've also managed to pick up another slight chest infection so it is doubly important that I rest as much as possible. I'm hoping that as we caught it early the antibiotics will stop it developing any further, well that's the plan. I really couldn't bare being ill again. I did have some good news today, my INR count is fine so I don't have to go back until January. A whole six weeks off, maybe the bruise on my arm will have time to heal.

There was no I'm A Celeb last night because of football. What is it with this country and football? Why on earth does it have the power to kick everything off the TV? No other sport does that, well except Wimbledon in the summer, but that is only two weeks, football seems to be year round these days.

As I did not want to watch the football I watched Monday's edition of the Junior Apprentice. It doesn't get any better does it? This week they were tasked with marketing a new deodorant. They didn't get to choose the smell of the product, Lord Sugar obviously thought that bit was beyond them, all they had to do was design a package and a commercial.

Team Atomic came up with a product called Raw, sore armpits spring to mind, but despite criticism over the name won and were sent of for a stomach churning day at an aerial acrobatics firm.

Team Kenetic were on to a loser from the minute Harry M was made Project manager. In Harry's mind this meant shouting at everyone, ordering them about and bullying them into following his ideas. The girls on the team were given the task of designing the packaging. Gbemi who banging on every five minutes about being a 'designer' clearly thought this was her task alone and quickly sidelined the other girl refusing even to discuss her ideas. The design Gbemi came up with was a pink and black nightmare with a mirror slapped on the side. It looked, cheap, nasty and, dare I say it, sleazy. The commercial was superbly hampered by the ongoing power struggle between Jack and Harry. They had no plan to work to and filmed anything that came into their heads, which wasn't much, and ended up with a bewildering advert that seemed to completely miss the point. They lost the task and Gbemi took the blame and was fired. Was she upset? Frankly it was hard to tell because she only seems to have one expression which is sulky anyway. She did, however, refuse to give Harry M a goodbye hug.

I still don't have a favourite but feel that Harry H may well win just because he hasn't irritated anyone yet.

Off to the dentist tomorrow, deep joy.