Friday, 18 November 2011

Moving On

Well the trip to hospital was rather successful. After seeing the Cardiac Consultant, who carefully went through everything with me and looked at my history, I've been classed as low risk for any rhythm problems. Apparently because I had an ablation two years ago for Atrial Flutter the bods at Harefield were concerned about the flutter reoccurring or other Arrhythmias appearing. The consultant I saw today will be writing to them to say if I haven't had any more flutters in two years then it is unlikely I will. He is also going to class me as low risk for any other irregularities. He told me he can't hand on heart say I won't have a problem as even people with no history can get arrhythmias under the stress of the operation but basically he is saying my chances are the same as anyone elses with no additional risks. This is excellent news, now I have to go down to Harefield again and be seen by the transplant team so it is more waiting but hopefully not for that long.

We got back home with time to spare to pick up the van for Laurence and found that our living room had been turned into a warehouse with boxes everywhere. Peter had a coffee then it was of to collect the van while I lay on the bed for half an hour with Smirnoff and a nice cuppa and rested. My chest feels a bit worse this afternoon but I think that might be psychological as the consultant had a hell of a cold and was sniffing and coughing all over the place. Thankfully he decided the ECG was enough information for him to prove I was in sinus rhythm today so decided not to touch me.

Friday and an early start. Peter and Laurence continued packing the van while I escaped for half an hour in order to pick up my monthly prescription from my GP. Then I was tasked with checking that he wasn't leaving anything behind, which was tricky considering I didn't know exactly what he had or where in the house he was storing it. I then made sandwiches and some flasks of coffee and by half eleven they were all packed up and on their way to Rushden. Thankfully they managed to fit everything onto the van so no second run would be needed, another sources of stress nullified.

Taking the opportunity whilst having the house to myself I hoovered the living room, the debris of the boxes and frequents tramping in and out ment the floor was filthy, and did a bit of light dusting then settled down to watch a DVD whilst getting regular text updates from Peter on progress. I have promised to cook some pasta and put it in tupperware boxes so Laurence will have something to eat over the next couple of days until he gets himself organised enough to get to the shops. The return at five thirty having returned the van and Laurence came home to have a meal with us before setting of for his first night in his new home. We are all going to find it a bit strange.

Tomorrow Peter and myself will head up to help with the unpacking, cleaning and organisation. Unfortunately Andrew won't be able to come because he has found himself a Saturday job at last and it is his first day tomorrow.

Talking of Andrew he met with his driving instructor. It seemed to go well and he now has his first few lessons booked up and paid for. First one on Monday.

Up to Rushden tomorrow to help Laurence unpack. Another busy day ahead me thinks.