Monday, 7 November 2011

Remember, Remember.....

Well it has been a bit of a full weekend.

It was my birthday on Saturday and it was a quiet one. We used to all get wrapped up warm and go and see the firework display at the local lower school but health and safety and the rising cost of insuring the event put paid to that little pleasure a few years ago. There are still some big events around the area but they all require us to drive to the venue with all the accompanying parking problems that can bring. So we stay home and watch the neighbours display, if they both having any, and often they don't.

Bonfire night seems to have fallen out of favour in recent years, with fewer displays and almost no families getting their own boxes of explosives. After the terrible events on the M5 I can't help wondering when they will ban fireworks altogether. Another piece of our culture and heritage consigned to the bin.

Of course there is always the hooligan element to contend with and as is normal these days bangs have been heard days before and after the actual event and at all hours of the night. The latest I heard on Saturday was at 1130 at night. I was already tucked up in bed with my hot chocolate when suddenly the air was rent with the sounds of explosion after explosion, we could have been on the Somme.

Sunday was a disaster when I broke my one and only purpose made lasagne dish. It took us ages to find years ago and I treasured it. Now the hunt is on for a new one. My bet is that I will find one in a speciality kitchenware shop and it will cost a small fortune by hey ho if it lasts as long as the one I broke then it won't do too badly and will be worth the money.

Today has been one of those grey, miserable days that never get fully dry or light. And to add to our misery my beautiful Russian Blue Smirnoff has gone missing. He was tucked up safe and sound on the end of my bed at midnight last night but there has been no sign of him today. He does sometimes go missing for a few hours but he has been gone a long time this time. He's not as young and sprightly as he was, he is  thirteen coming up to fourteen and in weather like this he usually prefers to be stretched across a bed than out and about. I am beside myself worrying that he is lying injured and frightened somewhere. I've been out and searched the garden but like all cats he could be absolutely anywhere. It is unlikely he is locked in someones shed as few people will be using their sheds between midnight and seven this morning so I'm thinking the worst.

Andrew is at home with tonsillitis again. He can barely croak and is finding swallowing very difficult. We could only get him an appointment at the doctor's for tomorrow so he'll have to suffer another day before getting any treatment. This will be the third episode in less than six months and I suspect suggestions will be made to have them removed. It might well be the best solution with his A levels and uni coming up.

Heres hoping that tomorrow will bring the return of Smirnoff and a cure for Andrew's throat.