Monday, 28 November 2011

Jack Frost Nipping At My Nose

There was ice on my car this morning, ice! How dare it! I suppose I must count my blessings though, this time last year it was snowing and the journey back from work terrifying. I guess I can put up with a little ice, as long as there is nothing following it.

Sunday was slow, work dragged, as it usually does at the weekend, so I was glad to get out at three and head home to watch the last Grand Prix of the season. It wasn't the most exciting but at least someone other than Vittel won and for that we must be grateful.

Had a call from Laurence who cheerfully announced he would ring me every Sunday because he gets free calls at weekends. He seems to be coping really well and sounds cheerful enough. He confirmed that he will be joining us for lunch next Sunday. Can't wait, I will be doing my mum thing and feeding him up.

The ice was only the start of a frustrating day. They are digging up my usual route to work and have closed the road for two days. The resulting chaos on the other routes made me late and there is nothing I hate more than being late. I'll have to find another way round it tomorrow because I'm not going up the A6 again, horrible road full of maniacs. Work itself was busy, Monday's usually are, and it was hard to find time to take a breath between phone calls. Our room is being redecorated at the moment so half of it is blocked off and we are all crammed into what seems like a very small space. It is claustrophobic and unpleasant and did nothing to lighten my mood. It was even more depressing to come out at three and find it was already getting dark.

Andrew had his second driving lesson today and admitted that he'd stalled. However he did get up to thirty miles an hour. He is obviously really enjoying himself and couldn't stop talking about it, we got the lesson in almost minute by minute details, so funny.

Absolutely classic I'm A Celeb last night. We were riveted as Fatima tried to extract a cockroach from up he nose. If she doesn't win after that there is no justice. The best performance of the series.

Strictly Come Dancing had boob gate this week. Robbie Savage not only stripped off at the end of his dance to reveal football shorts, why, he also made the mistake of grabbing Ola's boob during at rather energetic Samba. Oh the scandal! Despite this the show was notably duller without Russell Grant and I found myself getting rather bored towards the end. Poor Anita got kicked off whilst Holly Valium stayed to send us all to sleep again next week. I've decided I want Jason to win as he is the only one remotely likable, the rest are now beginning to take themselves far to seriously while Jason still looks like he is having fun.

Laurence's departure has had some surprising consequences, we are now knee deep in milk. Laurence and Andrew drink pints of the stuff, plus we all have cereal in the mornings and hot milky drinks at night so we gp through a lot. We cut down the amount we usually buy this week by a quarter figuring this would be about right but we still have five pints to get rid of by Wednesday. Oh well I guess it is macaroni cheese for tea and a nice hot chocolate for bed time.