Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Return Of The Mack

Smirnoff is home safe and well.

The little monkey was found sleeping in a box under Laurence's bed and emerged blinking into the light wondering what all the fuss was about. Today he is stretched out on our bed as normal blissfully unaware of the stress he put me through yesterday. Cats, who'd have them?

Andrew has spent another day at home nursing a terrible throat. I hope the antibiotics kick in soon, he can't afford to miss too much school. I'm busy making soup for him as he is finding it very hard to eat anything solid. I've made enough for two or three days, hopefully by then he'll be back on solids. I've also bought him an array of yoghurts as I think something cold can be very soothing. And I'm making sure he is drinking plenty of fruit juice.

The X Factor is still being accused of fixing as the double eviction did not go the way the vast majority of viewers wanted. Everyone was hoping Birds Nest Head would go but it wasn't to be and two, seemingly more popular acts, bit the dust. However today there is dancing in the streets as Birds Nest has been booted off for not obeying the rules. Basically he was acting as though he was already a multi millionaire rock star and pissed everyone off. The show however tried to play it all down blaming 'high spirits' and a lively character. Today however more serious charges of drug taking have emerged and Bird's Nest is out on his ear. And for that a whole nation can take out the ear plugs and rejoice.

Meanwhile over on Strictly Come Dancing there has been another unplanned departure, albeit a temporary one. One of the professional dancers has fractured a bone in his spine and spent Saturday night in absolute agony. He still managed to perform a fast and bouncy jive though how he did it is anyone's guess. So now his celebrity charge is rehearsing with one of the recently voted out professionals while Artem rests up and hopes to be able to return very soon.

I tell you sometimes the background goings on are far more interesting than the programmes themselves.

For me it was ironing day and I noted that at least half of the pile was Laurence's stuff. Looks like this is another little task that will down size when he moves out.  There is only ten days to go now and I'm beginning to feel quite sad about him leaving. I know that it is the natural order of things that the kids grow up, move out and make homes of their own but it seems so strange knowing that soon he won't be walking through the front door of an evening asking what I've cooked for his tea. I know despite all the washing, ironing, mess he generates I'd rather he still be living with us. That's the price of being a mum I suppose.