Sunday, 13 November 2011

Scandal - They're Gonna Turn Our Lives Into A Freak Show

Don't know where to start with today's blog.

Spent the morning driving Peter to Swindon to pick up a vital part for his car. It was quite nice to go for a long run in the car as the furthest I seem to get these days is Milton Keynes. We were back by lunch time and settled down for the last Sunday lunch with all four of us present. Until Laurence announced he planned to drop in for lunch next Sunday that is. Seems he can't give up his mum's cooking just yet. He also announced that he has booked a bungie jump for himself and his friend next month. Oh great something else to worry about. I suppose he's old enough to now to make his own decisions about doing such things but I don't like the idea and said so.

At work we finally got to know which shifts we've be allocated and some took the news better than others. I got what I'd asked for more or less so am happy though not quiet so thrilled with the 7am starts I'm going to have to do. On the plus side finishing at 3pm is going to be brilliant, especially in the summer.

Andrew's throat has finally improved and he will be back in school tomorrow. We've also decided to bite the bullet and pay for driving lessons for him. He needs to be able to drive for his college course so I see it as an essential expense. I don't know what we are going to do about getting him a small run around but we'll think about that once he's passed his test.

More scandal this weekend with both Strictly and X factor hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Len swore, yes Len! On live TV! Sir Bruce looked as though he was going to faint. The cause of the outbrust was Harry Judd's tango. Craig thought it was great, Len was less impressed and an arguement ensued during which Len called Craig a 'silly sod'. The audience gasped and Sir Bruce was, for once, lost for words. Len immediately apologised but the damage was done, you could almost hear the phonelines buzzing with complaints. I thought it was hilarious and fell about laughing. I must say I don't know what has happened to Len this series, he is so much more grumpy than usual. Maybe the trips back and fore to America really are getting to him.

I don't watch X Factor but this week I almost wished I did. Things got off to a bad start when the't start. Instead sixteen minutes of snippets from previous programmes were shown along with increasingly panicked announcements from the continuity man blaming technical problems at the BT tower. What? Since then a rumour has been circulating that it was down to cable theft. Once again...what? Neither of these explainations seem all that plausable as a live TV show would have several back up systems, or at least you would assume they would.

However it was when the programme finally got going that the real scandal took place. A scandal which has angered several of my friends so much they have vowed never to watch it again as they are now fully convinced it is a fix. There was a special vote taking place where four previously dismissed acts got the chance to re-join the competition following the sudden departure of Birds Nest Head. The favourite to win was a girl with pink hair whom I had the misfortune to witness murdering one of my favourite songs during boot camp. I confess to watching a few of the early episodes before coming to my senses. She has been lauded as the probably winner of the public vote in the media and to be fair, giving what she was up against, she probably was the best bet. So what upset my friends so badly? While Dermot was urging the public to vote it was announced on Twitter and on the X Factor website that Pink Hair had won the public vote. By the time the vote closed and the result announced it was already on the front page of several news websites. The producers tried to cover things up by saying that a technical hitch had resulted in the announcement of all four acts winning being released on their website by accident as all four had prepared announcements ready to go. My friends do not remember seeing any announcements about any of the other acts and so a fix has been declared and the show abandoned.

My absolute favourite reality show starts tonight, 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' has the opening show tonight and I just can't wait. I think the reason I love this show is that it is short. Three weeks and it is over, not enough time to get bored and although most of the celebs are very, very z list it is Ant and Dec I tune in to watch. The comments they make and faces they pull during the bush tucker trials absolutely crease me up.

One day of work tomorrow then off until next Sunday. I took some leave to help Laurence move house. It will break my heart but what can I do. I can't hold on to him for ever.