Tuesday, 15 November 2011

He's Leaving Home

Well it has been a busy couple of days and it only promises to get busier as the week progresses.

Work on Monday and it was the last of my four hour stints. As from next Sunday I'm up to six hours a day, four days a week. I'm feeling really good at the moment so don't anticipate any problems. The hardest part will be getting up an hour earlier, I'm so used to taking my time and surfacing slowly but I'm sure I'll get used to it again. At least I hope I do.

Today has been relatively quiet compared to what the rest of the week is going to be like. Today I did four loads of washing, mostly Laurence's stuff so he has as much clean clothing for his move as possible. Finally got around to putting the covers on the garden furniture in preparation for winter. The cover had fallen on the floor of the shed and had  spider webs all over it so this little feat was completed with accompanying squeals whenever I thought I saw something moving. Then I cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen. I don't know where all this extra energy has come from but I do hope it hangs around.

Tomorrow I'm back at work for a couple of hours of training. I missed some vital stuff when I was off ill over the summer so it has to be done, then it's Tesco's on the way home.

Thursday it is off to hospital to get a vital check up and some tests done for my transplant. Basically they are testing to see if my heart is up to it as they are not removing it anymore. Not sure what the tests involve but I'm quite sure I'm not going to like them. Then it is a sprint back home to pick up a van for Laurence's house move. Peter is going to have to drive it as Laurence is still under twenty five.

Friday is the big move day. I think it is going to be organised chaos but I'm sure we will get it all sorted out in the end.

Saturday is essentials shopping with Laurence, he has no idea what he needs to get in so I'm going with him to ensure he really does get the essentials such as loo paper and doesn't get distracted with chocolate etc.

Sunday a day at work for a rest.

Wow it is going to be quite a week.

I am in seventh heaven I'm A Celebrity started on Sunday night and it is already proving to be one of the more dramatic series with Freddie Starr providing all the drama. Last year Gillian McKeefe kept us all going with her pretend faints but she pales beside Freddie who's health problems are very real.

First he was late going into the jungle because of concerns for his health and when he did turn up he immediately took a dislike to Stephanie, the feeling seems to be mutual. However the biggest drama came after the bush tucker trial where Freddie ate everything put in front of him and paid the price by having an allergic reaction. So Freddie was whisked off to a nice comfortable hospital for the night. His camp mates didn't do too badly though as Freddie won the trial ensuring they ate well that night. Now we are all waiting to see if he returns. If he does I predict, barring anymore medical emergencies, he will at least make it to the last three.

What surprised me about this is that it has never happened before. With all the things the celebs have to eat, lie in or have crawl over them you'd have thought someone would have had some sort of allergic reaction to something before. I'm not saying Freddie's illness was faked, it clearly was very real, but am just expressing surprise that it has never happened before.

Another reality show that I watched last night was the Young Apprentice and came away feeling slightly insulted. The task this week was to pick products that would appeal to the over fifties and then sell them. I was not bowled over the way the youngsters clearly thought I should be by the choice of products. First there was a pie maker, designed to make only two pies I noticed. Why was this aimed specifically at the over fifties' an age group more than used to making pies than younger generations? In my teenage years and early twenties the closest we came to convenience food was a Vesta curry, and even they required a bit of work on your part to prepare. We don't have the 'unwrap it, slam it in a microwave and it's done' mentality of those in their twenties and thirties. If anyone is most likely to make a proper pie it is the over fifties, and they'd look a damned sight more appetising than the machine's efforts.

Next up the bird box with a camera attached. Why? Do they think that when not making pies the over fifties just sit around all day watching birds? Personally I thought anyone with a bit of intelligence could quite easily place a webcam inside a bird box for a tenth of the cost. In fact I know someone who has done just that, cost him a tenner. The asking price for the bird box was over one hundred pounds, how many pensioners do you know who could spend one hundred pounds on such frippery?

The designer shopping trolley held more promise but again the price was staggering. OK it had a cool bag section but it didn't justify the price tag. Again the stereotype of little old ladies pulling their weekly shop home was obviously to the fore of the teenagers minds. One girl was trying to entice buyers on colour alone 'it comes in red and purple' she trilled at a bevy of bemused grandmother types. While the other girl in the group just stood around leaning on the handle in a 'wish I was doing anything else' sort of way. The bag itself was enormous and I doubt very much that any but the fittest could drag that on and off the bus when fully laden.

The last item was the best, the hand held vacuum cleaner, cheap and light it was a gem but again why only aimed at the over fifties, the same group of people they expected to shell out vast amounts of money to lug gigantic shopping bags around. Talk about mixed messages. The show was quite amusing with one team leader being chosen because she had a grandmother and therefore could clearly relate to the age range. She couldn't, she chose the wrong products and they lost.

Well must go, this whirlwind has been still long enough.