Friday, 25 November 2011

This Ain't No Holiday

Wouldn't you know it, the minute I actually manage to order Peter's present he goes off and works on the car for two hours, typical.

Another restful day spent mostly indoors. My chest infection seems to be clearing up quite well. I feel so much better today and am not coughing as much. Next time I will definitely go to the GP at the first sign of trouble rather than waiting to see if it will clear up on it's own, it never does. As I felt better and had time on my hands I made some banana and choc chip muffins which seemed to go down well even if they were a little bit heavy. I think I used too much banana but it could just be the magic hand I have with anything that is supposed to be light and fluffy.   Tomorrow is the last day of my holiday then it is back to work, I'm glad I took the time off to help Laurence move but rather wish the time hadn't gone quite so quickly. Apart from the last couple of days I've been rushing here, there and everywhere. I need another holiday to recover.

This afternoon Peter and I went to the dentist for our six monthly check only to discover that we are expected next Friday, that'll teach me not to try and do three things at once. Ah well it was a nice trip out and I got my car filled with petrol ready for next week and we also called into Homebase for a mooch around the paint section. Laurence's old room is well decorated but we are not sure we will keep it the same colours just yet. We've decided to turn it into a sort of library come guest room. We are all avid readers and have bookshelves everywhere but have still just about run out of room. We are going to line at least one wall with shelves, put a sofa bed, small table and side lamp in there and use it as a quiet room where you can just go and grab a book and read, no TV blaring, no music playing, no interruptions with people charging in and out just peace and quite. At least that is the plan. I'm absolutely determined that it won't just become a dumping ground for things like car parts.

Stephanie was first to be booted out of I'm a Celeb and I can't say I'm that surprised. She wasn't great and seemed totally bemused by the whole experience, almost acting as thought she'd wandered in by accident. Pat got his comeuppance in the trial and realised that it isn't as easy as it looked, he still won eight stars though. Sinitta absolutely refused to do the immunity trial, thus ensuring that one of her team (Stephanie) got kicked out. She is rapidly getting on my nerves now and deserves to be out next, she won't be of course it will be Lorraine and Tedward.

In the news the so called General Strike scheduled for Wednesday is dominating all the news programmes at the moment. Today dire warnings were issued about the amount of time it will take to get through passport control at Heathrow. Some doom and gloom merchants are predicting twelve hour queues. Anyone who has travelled through Heathrow, or any airport for that matter will not think that is all that unusual. To be honest the date of the strike has been known for weeks so anyone who doesn't need to travel on that day (by need I mean life or death emergencies) and with a shred of sense will have re-booked their flight. If they haven't then they should be prepared for the worst and not moan when it happens. Personally I think that in order to make an impact a strike has to disrupt a well ordered, speedy and efficient business. When you look at the areas that will be effected, the NHS, the civil service, airports, they are generally not known for their speed or efficiency so how will we notice a difference? I don't actually agree with striking, it rarely does any good and all the striker gets out of it is the loss of a day's pay and few of us can afford that at the moment. I am willing be proved wrong but I suspect Wednesday will be a bit of a damp squib.

Tomorrow is Saturday and Peter has suggested a trip out to look around the shops for ideas for Christmas. I might veto that and suggest we go next Thursday or Friday. Saturdays this close to the big day is going to be manic.