Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

Good news on Anne. After her little set back she is back on form and has been out and about eating cream teas. Recent pictures have shown her to be happy and looking really well. The set back means an extra week in hospital and despite Anne being disappointed about her extra stay, I'm sure, as are we all, that she is relieved it wasn't anything more serious.

Today is one of my 'do nothing' days. I have scattered a few of these through the holiday to ensure I don't wear myself out. Yes I want to be out and about enjoying myself but I don't want to be so tired that end up spending days in bed.

Yesterday was gorgeous so I spent as much time outside as possible. OK I was mainly stocking up the cupboards for the next two weeks but I was outside. Deciding to get as much done as possible I did all my laundry (so much for just sticking my uniform in the basket and forgetting it) so I could hang it out in the sun without fear of rain or barbecue's. It took less than an hour to dry and was soon folded up in the airing cupboard until I decide to iron it all.
Everyone likes a little sunbathe now and then

On my travels I came across a shop giving out free samples of a pre-made Magheritta. Now I've never tasted one of these before, mainly because I cannot stand lime but I was thirsty so I though why not. As predicted my face screwed up and I started to choke but then a miracle happened, I liked it, I liked it a lot. After the initial sour hit a sweetness took over and I found it really rather pleasant so I had another one, yes rather cheeky I know, and was about to buy the bottle when my 'carer', i.e. Peter, stepped in and reminded me about what happened last time I had a drink. Reluctantly I left the bottle where it was but I've noted the brand and will be seeking it out as soon as I'm allowed post transplant. I foolishly mutter my intentions aloud prompting Andrew to remark 'oh great, she gets new lungs and promptly sets about destroying her liver.' I consider myself told.

With our original holiday plans in tatters for various reason, such as Peter not being able to get all the leave he wanted, we are sitting down this afternoon and planning a few days out. Although disappointed that I won't be going where I planned it means I'll have a bit of a more relaxed time than I intended, which probably will suit me more. I believe everything happens for a reason and at a time that is right. Quite obviously the planned trip was not meant to be and there is a reason why I'm being kept on home turf. I just don't know what it is yet.

So this afternoon, weather permitting, it's looking a bit grey out there at the moment, Andrew and I will set about sorting out the decking, cutting the grass and maybe do a little light weeding. I've set aside this weekend to get the garden straight, then if it's a lovely day and we are not going anywhere at least I can sit out and read. And because all the kids are still in school my afternoons will not be disturbed by screaming, loud music, motorbikes or barbecues. Bliss!

And after a hard day catching the rays
what better than a snooze on the settee.

Andrew is extremely pleased with himself today. He has passed all his end of year exams. There was one which was a scrape through which he admits it was his worse subject but the others were high passes. So with that weight off his mind he can relax until his placement starts later this month.

In the news.

There has been so much bad news these last few weeks I don't know where to begin.

I wish the media would stop referring to the two men that murdered Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich as 'suspects'. They are not 'suspects', they did it. There were millions of witnesses as the video of the aftermath was played out showing both men with bloodied hands and still holding the knives they used. They hung around hoping to be killed by police and boasted about their 'achievement' to anyone who would listen. So how on God's earth can they only be called 'suspects'. They are murderers so why not just call them that?

The man who killed little April Jones in Wales has been sentenced to an 'entire life term' in prison. Was there, in reality, any other way he could be dealt with? His face, like that of Ian Huntley or Peter Sutcliffe is embedded in the psyche of the nation and no matter how long he spent in jail, if he were ever released someone would recognise him and seek their own revenge. As it is he is going to spend the rest of his life more or less on his own and terrified of the other prisoners. So far all this man's tears have been for himself. I hope that during his long periods of isolation he finally realises the pain he has caused and tell April's parent where her little body has been hidden. Somehow though, I doubt he will ever do so.

In Oklahoma another tornado has ripped though towns and caused more deaths. It seems the bad news just keep on coming.

I'm really hoping something good is just around the corner. It can't all be doom and gloom surely. Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day in all senses of the word.