Sunday, 2 June 2013

Going To Church

Well you know how it goes, you say you are going to do something and you end up doing something completely different but having double the fun.

I was all set to sort out the decking yesterday afternoon when Peter just casually remarked that there were two new blue plaques up in Harlington. Obviously it was no contest from there on. I pulled on my jeans and trainers, grabbed the camera and we were off.

First stop was the village car park from where I could easily walk the short distance between plaques. Job done I didn't really feel like going home, I had the photography bug and didn't want to stop. Now fortunately Peter is a keen cyclist and has been to many isolated and beautiful places around Bedfordshire and took me to a couple of isolated churches knowing that I love to photograph the architecture and, if I find any, interesting gravestones. To be honest the first church All Saints in Charlgrave was a bit of a disappointment. It had no really attractive carvings, we couldn't get inside and the graves stones were boring. I took a couple of shots but it wasn't what I was looking for.

The next church, St Mary's at Potsgrove was much more interesting. It had some wonderful carvings on the outside and we found it was unlocked so I was able to get the stained glass windows from the inside. One of the carvings really took my interest and I all but fell in love with it. The face was so serene and yet had a hint of sadness about it. Unfortunately, as with so many churches, there was no information so I have no idea who the carving is meant to be. My guess is a saint of some sort or it could be Jesus, I just don't know. Amazingly this face was also the best preserved of the carvings with all the others either having damage or were severely weathered. The graveyard though was another total loss.

By now the light was beginning to go so we decided that as this was impromptu we would head home and plan a proper trip out for next week and plan a proper route. I was happy enough and all the walking and lugging my heavy camera around was making me tired. However Peter had one more treat up his sleeve. We went back through quite country roads and he cranked the Mito up until we were flying. Now I've driven it as though it was stolen on a couple of occasions but you don't really notice it when you are driving as you are concentrating on keeping out of trouble. In the passenger seat I was having the time of my life. I love speed and trust Peter's driving skills implicitly so had all of the thrill and none of the fear. It was only near the end of the drive that I realised we were both laughing out loud with pure joy.

All Saints Chalgrave, slightly spoiled by the traffic cone
I've only just noticed, grrrr.

What an afternoon! It was short and sweet and, apart from a bit of petrol, totally free. I am so looking forward to my next trip. I'm planning a whole day and a picnic. Why not? It's not as though I've got to rush anywhere.

So what about the decking? Well this morning it has been cleared of all the leaves, fallen branches etc, etc. and sprayed with a specialist deck cleaner.  All we have to do is wait an hour hose it off and wait for the thing to dry. Then we can get the furniture out, give that a wipe down and then enjoy the afternoon out in the sunshine.  Well I say enjoy, it is Sunday so I expect it will be full of yapping dogs, mowers and barbecues but at least I won't be stuck in front of the TV.

There was a bit of a downer to yesterday though, isn't there always, and sometimes it is best not to leave the kids alone in the house even if they are nineteen.

We arrived back to find Andrew sitting with his hand in a jug of water. I was concerned the maybe he had burnt himself but it wasn't anything that mundane. Andrew had broken something so decided to fix it with some super glue. He was doing well until he squeezed the tube and it burst in his hand instantly welding itself to Andrew's fingers. Fortunately being a paramedic he knew exactly what to do and had spent the last hour soaking the stuff off. The tube apparently came off quite easily but of course he was still covered in glue and was in the process of softening it and peeling it off a bit at a time.

St Mary's Potsgrove

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Yes I know I said I wouldn't be watching this again but I got wind that the brilliant 'Attraction' were performing. This is the shadow puppet act from Holland and who had me in tears last time out.

Unfortunately I had to sit through an awful lot of dross before they came on but it was worth the wait. They were brilliant and had me howling once again. If they don't win it will be an absolute travesty. Their chances are not good though as Simon Cowell seems determined to have a singer as the winner, and preferably a child singer at that. Someone needs to remind him that it is the Royal Variety Show and not the X Factor they are auditioning for.

Well I have an appointment with a damp cloth and a bucket so bye for now..