Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Good Deed.......

...never goes unpunished.

I hope to prove that saying to be very untrue this weekend.

Firstly Anne who is now back on Facebook and assuring us that she is feeling so much better. She is still a bit breathless, presumably due to the infection, but still managed 0.8 miles on the exercise bike. The doctor's are changing her drugs around a bit so she will be staying in critical care for a little while longer. However the doctors are very pleased with her progress so it looks like, despite the set backs, Anne is well on the road to a normal life.

I have a new windscreen! Yes the process went smoothly this time and was completed in less than an hour. I've only got to get it through the MOT now and it is bye, bye 156. I still sort of regret getting rid of it but I'm beginning to fall for the Mito, especially with things like the cruise control feature and the lower fuel consumption. Also the handling reminds me of the mini, not the new version the original, which I absolutely loved. I know it is silly but I will probably shed a tear or two when I finally wave it goodbye to the 156, but it is for the best and my new baby is proving to be a worthy replacement.

 Dornier 17 in it's hay day.  

Because of the new windscreen, and the oxygen delivery, I spent another quite day at home. Well I say quiet, I got on with a few housework tasks so I could free myself up for the week ahead. The weather is not great at the moment but I'm hoping to get out this afternoon, even if it is just for a couple of hours.

So why the title? Well yesterday a friend and colleague posted a cry for help on Facebook and after much soul searching I replied.

He desperately needed someone willing to do two hours of face painting at a local preschool on Saturday. Saturday being the end of my holiday and not a day I tend to venture out on I decided to offer my services. The paint and tools are provided, as is a basic guide to animal faces but I think my qualification in Art and Design might stand me in good stead. Besides these are preschoolers, hopefully they won't be too critical and will be happy enough with a few blobs and strips smeared over them. How hard can it be?

As it is only two hours and finishes at two it also gives me plenty of scope to do something else afterwards if the weather is nice. At the very least it'll stop me from sitting at home wasting the day away and you never know, it might be fun.

As it is now

In the news.

Another person making excellent progress appears to be Prince Phillip. He was visited by the Queen yesterday and she emerged all smiles. Obviously there is nothing to worry about as far as his immediate health is concerned.

There is no news on Nelson Mandela so I can only assume that his health hasn't changed in either direction. I'm pretty sure we will know soon enough when it does.

However, the story that grabbed my attention was the raising of the the last surviving World War Two German Dornier 17 from the English Channel. It has taken three weeks to get this magnificent plane off the seabed and she is in remarkably good shape, even the tyres are still inflated. They really don't make them like that anymore. The plane is covered in barnacles and is full of mud and sand but, once cleaned up and restored, she will be put on display at the RAF museum in Henlow in around two years time. Another 'must see' added to my list.

I don't know if it is just me but since I was given two to three years to live way back in 2007 I've set myself goals. I plan things three to six months ahead and when I reach that goal I then plan a few more. Obviously sometimes I've had to miss events due to ill health or a sudden crisis but so far I've managed around 90% of everything I planned. Take this holiday for instance, it has not turned out as planned but I still happy. I was going to be dashing around the country, visiting everyone and probably wearing myself out in the process. As it is the gentler day trips and the relaxed pace of having nothing specific to do has proved to be exactly what I needed.. I'm sleeping well, eating well and feel a lot less stressed than I've been in a long, long time.

OK, I admit it, planning something two years in advance is probably a bit ambitious but what is life without a bit of ambition? Sometimes it is best to strive and not achieve, isn't it?

Well time is rolling on and I need to get the map out and plan where I'm off to this afternoon. It's a tough life but someone has to do it.