Friday, 21 June 2013

If I Were A Rich Man

Well the doctor is pleased with my progress. My chest still has a rattle but the fluid has cleared so I can go back to my normal dose of diuretics, which is just as well as I've barely been off the loo this week. Everything is more or less back to normal though my antibiotics have been extended, just in case, and I've been told to increase my inhaler usage for a few days. I've got to go back to see him again on Monday where he will either give me another certificate or let me return to work. Of course I'm hoping for the latter as I'm stir crazy.

Andrew is poorly today so is not going into college. He has a intolerance to some forms of whey powder and, although careful enough to avoid most of the time, he runs a risk whenever he eats things not made at home, it's amazing what they put that stuff in to bulk up products, even yogurts and smoothies. Not sure what it was this time but he started having pain yesterday. A couple of days on his tablets and some careful feeding usually sees him better very quickly.

Having been chased by numerous companies wanting to sort out my PPI for me, at a price of course, I've decided the only way to get them off my back is to look into it myself. So I've sent off the forms, with proof, I am careful about keeping stuff involving loans etc, and am now just waiting to see what happens. I'm philosophical about my chances and if I don't get anything, well I'm no worse off. However if I do get something back I'd rather keep all of it, after all I'm the one who paid it in the first place, and not pay 20% or more to someone for just filling in the same forms I have. To be honest I had thought about checking it out a while ago but never quite got round to it. Sitting at home this week fending off endless calls has spurred me into action.

Talking of money I notice the Euromillions draw is now up to 141 million. That is an obscene amount of money for one person to win. Why would you want that much? I then thought of all the good that could be done with that amount of money and what I'd do with it. Well first, of course, I'd sort out my family and friends. Then I'd distribute to my colleagues, most are struggling so to help them a bit would be nice. At least half would go to PH research, even if it is too late for me someone will benefit, eventually. And finally I'd keep enough so that myself and my husband would never have to worry about money again, buy a nicer house and be content with my lot. Oh one can dream. I've gone against the grain and bought a ticket, I have no chance but you never know.

As you can see, sitting at home doing nothing has reduced me to daydreaming, I really need to start doing things.

Today is my six month marker for being on the transplant list. I know there are many who have waited longer than me and I know there are many more who sadly never got their chance but I still feel a little hard done by. Natural I suppose, especially when you've been poorly and you know a transplant could stop all that. So I plod on for another day/week/month and all that really keeps me going is knowing I'm one day/week/month closer and tonight might be the night.

Well nothing more to say. That's the trouble with being grounded, nothing to write about.