Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tango In The Night

Anne is still in ICU and will be reviewed tomorrow. Hopefully she will have progressed enough to be sent back to the normal ward by then.

Well as predicted a very quite day ensued yesterday. well until the phone started that is. Just after lunch the phone rang and for once it wasn't a withheld number. Peter answered it and the bloke on the end of the line asked for me. When Peter asked who he was he said he was from the Ministry of Justice and needed to speak to me urgently. Knowing that Laurence works for the Ministry of Justice and I was on his file as next of kin I grabbed the phone dreading what I was about to hear. The bloke then, after scaring the bejesus out of me, cheerfully announced he was from such and such company and he may have some good news concerning my Nat west or Barclay card, no mention of Ministry of Justice anywhere.

I was so shocked couldn't even swear at him I just hung up and told Peter what had happened. He was furious and took the phone to check the number. It was the same number that a couple of other calls had come through on so with a lot of beeping he's set it up so that anyone else ringing on that number will be identified as 'scum' on the caller ID.

What a git, excuse language, he'd deliberately lied just to get to me, scaring me stiff in the process. Just imagine if I'd been an old lady with a heart problem and a son over in Afghanistan. The consequences just don't bare thinking about.

The weather was not exactly bad but not exactly out and about weather either so I had a much needed day in front of the TV. First I watched the last practice session for today's Grand Prix and then the qualifying itself. As I watched it I realised that, two years ago, I'd been sat in a hospital bed after having my line put in and was being told off by the nurses for cheering when Jenson won. It was a very wet race and was stopped in the middle until conditions improved. It will be a wet race again today so will definitely bring back memories.

I cannot believe I've been carrying this around for two year now.

Today the weather hasn't improved and so another indoor day is on the cards. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I feel quite strongly that a film is on the cards followed most definitely by the race itself.

My local police force have been at it again and have released a song to encourage crime prevention. In my opinion it's not as bad as the Christmas effort but I will let you be the judge.

I was absolutely amazed to spot a familiar face on TV last night.

Daniel Croucher was one of my star pupils and did really well in the GCSE's. I liked Daniel, he was polite, witty and you could share a joke without it ever being taken too far. He always reminded me a bit of Richard Hammond from Top Gear. He had similar features and gestures and talked in the same way. So imagine my shock and delight to see him pop up in a Tango commercial. Well done Daniel, I hope this is the beginning of something really good for you. He's the little guy on the right.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Well it was the final so I had to watch.

The best bit for me, apart from the commercial breaks, was the egging of Simon Cowell. A bit unfair on the act that was performing at the time but highly amusing nevertheless. However they could have been knives or, God forbid, a gun. I think security will be a little tighter in future, at least I hope it will.

So back to the acts, I have to say it was probably the worst final I've ever seen. I cringed at the kids, muted the singing and only really paid attention for two acts. Jack Carroll the fourteen year old comedian, who was quite funny it has to be said, and Attraction, the shadow puppeteers.

Attraction won with yet another brilliant and memorable performance with Jack coming a close second.

However Attraction are from Hungary, not Holland as previously stated, I apologise and therefore shouldn't have even qualified to take part. The show is called Britain's Got Talent after all. So does this mean the Britain hasn't got any talent, well clearly not but we don't have the same class of talent as Hungary. And for the first time since BGT started Simon will not be putting a British act in front of the Queen at this year's Royal Variety Performance. There's a moral in there somewhere.

Right time for a cuppa and the morning papers before I start on lunch.