Thursday, 20 June 2013

Nice Guys Come Last

Why is it that I can quite happily doze on a hot sunny day for hours and yet put me in a bedroom at the same temperature and I can't sleep a wink?

After a sticky and uncomfortable day stuck on the settee with all the windows open and the ever present threat of rain, I headed for bed to spend a sticky and uncomfortable night despite having the fan going full blast. It was hot, it was humid and I longed for the weather to break and a good thunderstorm to relieve the pressure. Unfortunately the weather was as unobliging as always and the humid conditions promise to repeat themselves today.

I'm feeling more like me today though, despite the lack of sleep. My cheerful nature is returning along with my appetite. My oxygen SATs are almost back to normal, well 87% which is normal for me. My chest is still quite gunky though but it is proving easier to get rid of and is not the ghastly colour it was. Best of all no blood stains for the last two days. It is still up in the air as to whether I'll be fit for work next week but at least I'm heading in the right direction.

Surprisingly I haven't felt guilty about work or even really thought about it. I've been too ill to care, and even though I am beginning to feel more lively I'm still not fretting about it. It seems that not only did my holiday give me a well deserved de-stress but it has brought on a whole new attitude.

So what if I'm off sick again, I'm terminally ill and my only chance is a transplant. It's a miracle I turn up as often as I do and I should be proud of my attendance, not worrying about it. I never had sick days when I was well and I'm hoping once I've had the transplant I will be well 95% of the time. I'm not stupid enough to think I won't have any sick days, especially in the early months or years post transplant when a lot of adjustments will be going on.

Yes there probably are people at work who resent me for the time I have off sick, I could name at least two who quite obviously think I'm making out that I'm more ill than I am, but the majority are so kind and supportive that I know that, even when rushed off their feet because of my absence, they worry about me and wish me well.  Before I went on holiday I saw my councellor and she said that I have absolutely no idea how many people are rooting for me and hoping against hope that I get my chance. She's right of course and the idea is humbling.

The Apprentice Watch

This week it was Online Dating that was the subject of the task set to the remaining eight candidates. They had to design a website, produce an advert and present their ideas to industry leaders.

Jordan became project manager of Endeavor while Jason took the reigns of Evolve much to the disgust of Luisa who clearly thought she could do better and set about trying to prove it.

Endeavor decided to pitch their business at young professionals and came up with a boring corporate style website with the baffling name of Cuff Links. Evolve went for the over fifty market, despite Luisa trying to shout everyone down and grumbling about it being the 'wrong' concept. Her argument was that as a young, successful business woman not short of admirers, she couldn't possible get her head around the needs of the over fifties when looking for love.

Both teams split with half the team on market research and the other half on website design. Eyebrow Alex, whom I'm warming too more and more, was in his element as web design is part of his business. Jason however was not and found even picking the colours for the website a challenge. However to be fair anyone with Luisa constantly harrying and shouting at them would find it hard to concentrate. In a shock move, after badgering Jason into submission, Luisa launched a mutiny and appointed herself project manager. Something that Neil wasn't too happy about and told her up front, though fourth team mate Francesca sided with Luisa.

Best moment of the episode was Endeavor's video featuring Alex as bad date Herbert. It was silly, it was funny and it didn't relate to the rather serious website but it was memorable unlike Endeavor's effort which looked like an add for a retirement home.

The industry big wigs were not impressed with either team's efforts and despite her coup Luisa, or maybe because of it, lost out to Alex's Herbert after Lord Sugar was left to make the final decision. Once again proving that having a big mouth and excessive eyelashes can't compete with a sense humour and a willingness to look stupid.

In the boardroom Luisa was quickly given a dressing down by both Lord Sugar and Nick, who was clearly disgusted by her behaviour. However, much as Lord Sugar sympathised about Jason's plight he got his marching orders. To be fair, if he couldn't stand up to his own team mates he probably wouldn't be any good at hard nosed business negotiations. He was the nicest of all of them but completely out of his depth.

Luisa hasn't got away scot free though. Karen requested she follow her on the next task to see whether she really is as good as she claims or is just a loud mouth bully that everyone is beginning to suspect she is.

Top three still Neil, Myles and Alex.

Well time for another paracetamol. I always get really bad headaches when the weather is humid and stormy. I really hope we have the mother of all storms soon.