Monday, 3 June 2013

Enforced Rest Day

Anne has had a lot of fun this weekend, mostly eating chocolate cake by the sound of it. It is lovely to hear she is now firmly back on track and may even indulge in another gym visit later this week.

I have developed asthma like symptoms overnight and I'm wondering whether it is due to all the grass cutting, including ours, that went on yesterday. I've increased my asthma meds and am hoping it sorts itself out in a day or two. If not a quick trip to the doc's for some steroids should sort it. I've alway been a bit wheezy around cut grass but like everything else the symptoms are much worse since diagnosed with PH. It makes sense of course, anything that affects the lungs affects the PH so you're sort of on a downward spiral. I checked my oxygen sats when I got up and they are at 90%, which is really good for me so quite obviously the PH is still stable for now. The trick, of course, is sorting the asthma out before it starts to upset things.

I loved the bright green against the blue sky.

Of course I have been rather active the last two days and have tramped around overgrown graveyards and dusted down the garden furniture for the decking. I suppose with everything I've been breathing in it is small wonder I'm a bit off colour.

However today really is going to be a 'do nothing' day. After spending all that time and energy getting the decking cleaned up I'm going to enjoy the fruits of my (and Peter's) labour and plan a a session with a cool drink and a good book this afternoon. I did sit out for a little while yesterday but by the time we'd set everything straight it had turned a little chill so I couldn't stay out long.

Andrew is off to uni this afternoon to take part in a volunteer session about lifting. Although he has covered this already he feels it is best to have a refresher before going out on the road again. To be fair he hasn't missed a volunteer session yet. He says he views them as mandatory and is convinced his high marks have been helped by going to them.

Laurence rang last night and, eager to show off his own garden and his newly planted hanging baskets, has invited us around on Thursday for an alfresco lunch, weather permitting. Gradually my week is filling up with things to do and that is great because I really didn't want to waste my time off sitting around at home, except for today of course, better to take one day out than lose a whole week.

This tree was just standing on it's own against the horizon.

I've now uploaded all the photos I took over the weekend onto my flickr site, link on the right, and have included a couple more here. Hope you like them.

In the news

I was disappointed to see that the attempted raising of a World War 2 German Dornier aircraft from the English Channel had to be postponed due to the weather. Well it is the English Channel and unpredictable at best. Hopefully a new attempt will be made later today.

Another item raised from the sea bed over thirty years ago is the Mary Rose, Henry VIII's flag ship. I went to see it when it was first exhibited and was amazed at how big it was. I couldn't see that much though due to all the water being sprayed on it. Now the spray has been turned off and you can walk along platforms at deck level only inches from the ship. Not only that but as many items as possible that were recovered from inside the ship are also being exhibited in a custom built museum. This includes some of the ship's crew, can't say I'm too keen on that but I suppose when you come right down to it, it won't be any different from looking at the mummies in the British Museum. Now I would love to see this exhibition but given that it has only just opened and we are almost at the height of the tourist season, I'll wait until later in the year to avoid the crush.

The decking all clean and ready to use.

Speculation is rife over who the next Dr. Who will be. Will it be a woman? Will he or she be black or possibly Asian?

I'm not sure why there is such a fuss, does it really matter what sex/race/creed the new Dr. Who is? As long as they can deliver the ever more weird and confusing scrips as though they are the only person who knows what going on, who really cares?

Off to get some lunch for Andrew before he heads off for his lecture. Then I can just put my feet up and let the day flow over me, this is the life.