Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Mystery of the Exploding Jug

As you can tell I'm feeling better today. My SATs are creeping back up, got them past 80% without oxygen now, and I'm not coughing up so much gunk. On the downside my ribs hurt like hell and everything inside feels raw. I'm eating again though, sticking to fruit, yogurt and ice cream supplemented by Complan but it is a start. I haven't weighed myself but I can tell I've lost weight by my waistbands and bra straps. I'm still on house arrest and am not allowed to do anything for myself but I am making up my own drugs again. I am definitely not a happy bunny but much better than I was two days ago.

My mood was much improved this morning with news that Anne is back on the normal ward and doing really well. Lets hope the only place she goes now is home. Fingers crossed for you Anne.

So I'd better give a round up of the last few days.


The face painting was fabulous and the bonus was that I didn't make anyone cry. Always a tricky proposition with the under fives as their idea of a tiger might not be the same as yours.

My first customer was a sweet little girl who wanted to be a 'Princess'. This threw me slightly as I'd been thinking more of tigers, lions, zebra and maybe even the odd raccoon. I had no idea how to make a 'Princess' so decided just to make her up. I added a couple of stars and a bit of glitter, rouge, lipstick and eyeshadow and voilĂ , one princess. To be honest she looked more like Katie Price than a princess but both she and her mum were delighted. First happy customer in the bag. Phew!

I then had a run of butterflies. This was much more in my comfort zone and I loved the next half hour as I turned six little faces into exotic creatures of the forest. I did have one sticky moment with a very demanding young lady.

'What colour butterfly do you want to be?'
'OK, here we go, close your eyes.'
'With some pink'
'Pink, OK'
'And yellow, oh and green.'

I then had some pirates and spidermen but my two oddest requests were for a frog and, wait for it, a horse. A Horse! How the hell do you change a chubby cheeked toddler into a long faced pony with big teeth? I compromised on that one and drew a picture of a horse on her forearm so she could see it all the time. Older children started arriving and asking for 'tattoos' and I spent some time painting flowers, stars and hearts on arms.

By the end of the session I was shattered but so glad I did it, I had more fun than I could possibly have imagined and got to meet some really nice people at the same time. I would have loved to take some pictures of my art work but  knowing how sensitive parents can be about people taking piccys of their kids these days I resisted.


Well I didn't do anything except cough and feel sorry for myself on Sunday but we did have something really spooky happen.

I was lying on the settee from where I can see right across the hall and into the kitchen as far as the sink and back window. Peter was standing by the sink making us both a cuppa when there was a loud bang. It sounded as though a gun had gone off or a car had backfired. He looked around and then opened the cupboard and out fell loads and loads of little glass squares, just like the safety glass from a shattered windscreen on a car. I keep all my mixing bowls, baking trays and measuring jugs in the cupboard and the largest of the nest of three jugs had just exploded. The door had been shut when Peter was in the kitchen and he didn't touch or bang the door, in fact the jugs are set right back on the shelf deliberately so they won't get accidentally hit. It took Peter ages to clear out the cupboard and sweep up all the glass and to this day we can't work out what happened. All I know is I need a new large measuring jug and that I'm very grateful it didn't go bang when I was using it. Scary!


A rush to the doctor's and then drifting in and out of sleep on the settee. I did get to watch Carry On Doctor on the TV though and remember wishing all hospitals could be that much fun.


Feeling better and able to write a short blog, keeping everything crossed that I'm fighting back. Watched One Of Our Aircraft Is Missing. Oh they don't make films like that any more, thank God!

Today is another on the sofa but at least I feel with it enough to use my laptop, hence this blog, and I can stay awake to read chapters of my book instead of dozing off a couple of pages in. Yes things are certainly looking up and I can't wait to see what this afternoon's golden oldie might be.

The pictures are of butterflies I took about two years ago on a vist to the Natural History Museum in healthier and happier times.