Friday, 7 June 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey, It's A Beautiful Day.

News on Anne is that she is still being kept in critical care for the near future. Get well soon Anne, we are all thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Excuse the lateness of this blog. My Internet has been down all morning and is rather intermittent now so goodness knows when this will actually make it onto the web. I have not been idle though, even though this is a stay at home day due to Peter having to go into work. Honestly they give him the whole week off except Friday, just doesn't make sense.

So far I have ventured to Tesco, done a pile of washing, it had to be as we were running out of clothes, a load of ironing, made some strawberry ice cream and a raspberry Pavlova. It is going to be a very, very nice tea but so much for taking it easy.

Spending the weekend here.

Once this blog is finished I'm off up the garden to spend the rest of my afternoon with the birdsong and a book.

Yesterday we went to visit Laurence and spent a very pleasant afternoon in his garden eating Chinese take away and drinking beer. Well Peter, Andrew and Laurence drank, I was designated driver, again. I didn't mind though as I was kept in lemonade and orange juice and they bought me my favourite sweet and sour chicken.

There was only one bad note to the whole afternoon. Laurence's neighbours are a mother and son. The son is is around seventeen and boy does he swear. Not only that but he treats his mother like something he's scraped off his shoe. Yesterday she'd managed to upset him and we, and the whole neighbourhood, were treated to half an hour of the vilest language I think I've ever heard until the door slammed indicating he'd gone out. Silence reigned until the door slammed again indicating a return and we were duly treated to another swearing session. After that all went quite but we were all on edge waiting for it to start all over again. We left around seven and got home around eight and I fell into bed shortly after ten for another deep sleep.

Suitable hidden from the world.

It is official, I have put on weight. I'm now a healthy seven stone twelve pounds so not that far off my eight stone target. Of course the trick is going to be keeping it on when I return to work but I'll worry about that when it happens. I have another week of holiday left and I may even reach my target by the end of it, you never know.

In the news I was sad to hear that Prince Philip has been taken into hospital for exploratory abdominal surgery. The media are playing it down at the moment and speculation is that he'll be having keyhole surgery. The fact remains that he had tests last week and the results of these tests have shown something worrying. Not only that but whatever they found is sufficiently worrying to risk putting a ninety two year old under general anesthetic, not something any surgeon would want to do unless absolutely necessary.

So what can it be? Well the obvious fear, given his age and the area they are checking out, is cancer. I do hope this isn't the case but there is very little else it could be that can't be treated with medicine. Of course I'm not a doctor so I could be, and hopefully am, very wrong. 

If it turns out to be nothing then maybe it will be the wake up call the country needs to realise the Queen and Prince Phillip are elderly and maybe we shouldn't be expecting quite so much of them these days Most people of their age would be spending their days enjoying long walks and sharing an ice cream on the prom.

Well I have date with the sun, a good book and a long cool drink. Ah bliss!