Friday, 31 May 2013

Do Not Tell Me What To Do!

Well today is the first day of my two week break and it hasn't got off to a very good start.

This last week has been busy to say the least. Monday, really busy at work and got home exhausted but could not sleep. Tuesday picked Andrew up from the airport, fell into bed after yet another busy day and.....couldn't sleep. Wednesday I was like a zombie and quite ratty but at least I did manage to sleep...for two whole hours. Thursday less busy but I was shattered by then so sort of went at my own pace for most of the day, got home and slept like a rock.

Quite obviously I really, really need a break. I haven't had any real time off, apart from hospital stays and sickness, since September so I am mentally, rather than physically, tired and it has to be said, a wee bit stressed. I felt so different walking out of work on Thursday afternoon. I could feel the tension starting to leave my shoulders and I sang all the way home, well croaked to be more accurate, but who cares I was happy and no one could hear me. Last night I dropped off so easily it was like being hit with a hammer. There was none of the usual half awake, drifting sort of feeling, I just went out. As a result I woke up actually feeling refreshed and fairly bounded out of bed.

I don't really feel like I'm on holiday yet because I always have Fridays off but it was nice to dump my uniform in the washing basket instead of sticking it straight into the machine so it will be ready for Monday.

Of course there is always that little fly in the ointment and today's fly was the warfarin clinic.

I arrived fairly early and my heart sank when I saw it was only standing room again, I found a seat wedged up against the weighing machine and got my phone out to text Peter that I was in for a long wait. Unfortunately I'd forgotten to put the phone on silent and Peter's reply buzzed in just as one of the clinic sisters pass by. She whipped around, glared at me and shouted "turn that phone off." Now I'm not quick to anger, I'm a slow boiler and it can takes weeks for me to loose my rag over something but there was something about this woman's attitude that got my hackles up faster than greyhound down a track so I dug my heels in.

"I'm sorry?"
"I said no, I will not turn my phone off. I am waiting for a transplant and I'm not missing a call from Papworth because of your stupid rules."

We had a brief glaring competition and she went on her way. However our exchange hadn't gone unnoticed and this very large West Indian gentleman suddenly hooted with laughter and shouted. "You go girl, right on man." I'm assuming he approved.

So I left the clinic shortly after still furious and then made the mistake of going on to Tesco, forgetting completely that it was half term. The place was full of screaming babies, nagging toddlers and harassed mums. So by lunchtime I was wound tighter than a spring so immersed myself in the kitchen while I calmed down. This afternoon Andrew is going to help me clean up the decking, well I say help, he will do the actually clearing and I will supervise. I'm hoping that being out in the fresh air will return me to the happy state I woke up in, one can only hope.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

I have to admit I've sort of given up on this. I was all set for a great final this weekend until the first semi final results came through. To my utter amazement the brilliant, and dangerous, magician Aaron Clarke did not even get into the top three. Instead a precocious, and rather unpleasant, child got through and it has been the same all week. It seems once again Great Britain has gone for stage school cute rather than real talent. Will I watch the final, I honestly don't know yet, it depends whether I can find some paint drying.

The Apprentice Watch

This week the candidates were flown to Dubai because should they win they will be expected to operate internationally. Their task was to source a bazaar collection of items for a newly built hotel.

This task was, according to him, made for Zeeshaan who has actually lived in the place. So Endeavor immediately put Zee in charge and were off. This put Doctor Leah's nose out of joint somewhat as she felt she could do better.

Evolve turned to Myles as their project manager and spent a lot of time trying to work out what everything was. But soon they too were running around like headless chickens looking for the wrong things. Amazingly both teams thought an Oud, a type of guitar, was a perfume, despite Zee's alleged local knowledge.

Much time was wasted by both groups but eventually they made it back to to boardroom.

Despite 'knowing Dubai like the back of my hand' Zee and Endeavor could only bring four items out of eight into the boardroom and one of those was wrong. They lost of course. However the big twist was that instead of bringing Myles, who bought the wrong item, and Kyle, who couldn't add up and ordered a flag the size of a tea towel, Zee chose to blame the two women in his team for their failure. Big mistake! Doctor Leah and her lip gloss, she must have shares in petroleum jelly by the amount of the stuff she wears, was not going to be walked over. She hit back with claims of sexism backed up by a rather tearful Natalie. Unfortunately for Zee one of the scenes clearly shows him totally ignoring Natalie in the back of the car, he even turned his back on her, and another scene showed him arguing with Doctor Leah over where to get the items.

Accusations of sexism need not mean the end of the line but when you combine it with a massive ego and an inability to get things right you've got no chance. Zeeshann you're fired.