Sunday, 30 June 2013

Free Gifts And Fred West

I woke up this morning to dense fog and resigned myself to another day indoors in front of the TV wrapped up in unseasonal joggers and a cardi. How wrong was I! By ten the sun had come out and according to my weather station it is 19C and climbing.

I am going to spend some time indoors however as I'm watching the British Grand Prix this afternoon and have ironing to do for tomorrow but that still leaves plenty of time for a chill out in the garden with a good book and maybe a weak glass of Pimms.Here's hoping it isn't going to rain before I get out there.

Yesterday was a very full day, well the afternoon was. We went to Milton Keynes shopping center as Peter had broken his watch and wanted to see if the was anything nice in the John Lewis sale. I decided to nip along to L'Occitane to pick up a few bits and pieces, I love their hand cream and lip balm and walked out with a lovely free gift! They were doing a promotion where certain items had a secret code on them and I'd been lucky enough to pick one up. The bag contains shower gel, perfume, shampoo and conditioner, soap and hand cream. Just enough for a weekend away, which is rather fortunate because I am planning a weekend away to visit my mother.

Peter got a fabulous watch too. Italian, of course, and knocked down from £175 to £80, a real bargain. The spending didn't stop there either, we then visited the second hand book stall in the market and bought loads. Honestly I could have come away with the whole store but sadly still can't find the one book I need to get on with the series I'm reading. The search continues.

It was then off to Tesco where we made a rather alarming discovery. While Peter and I were busy at the checkout, Andrew wandered off to read the business cards and for sale notices on the wall. He returned with a business card for a builder and thrust it at Peter saying 'you'd have thought this bloke would have chosen a picture that looks a little less rapey.' Peter passed it to me and I was staggered, there on the card was a picture of mass murderer Fred West. A read of the card revealed more offensive material and we couldn't believe what we were seeing. Andrew had no idea why we were so shocked as he'd never heard of Fred West. We filled him in and he realised the significance. While I finished paying Peter took the card to customer services, who were equally appalled, and they quickly dispatched someone to remove all the cards she could find. They told Peter they would contact this bloke and advise him not to put cards up in their store again.

My first thought was that it was someone's idea of a joke but how sick would you have to be to make that kind of joke. And if the builder's name really is Fred West wouldn't you rather distance yourself as far as possible? Which ever reason for the cards it was very bad taste indeed.

Back home we watched Die Hard With A Vengance before heading off to bed. Up past midnight, naughty girl!

Today is much more relaxed and the garden, despite my negligence or maybe because if it, is looking really nice. Especially my climbing rose which smells divine, usually I trim it back in autumn but I was unable to do so last year and the result is an eruption of blooms. It will need cutting back a bit this year as it is beginning to interfere with the rotary line, but I won't be going mad as I'd quite like a similar display next year.

Well time to make lunch and settled down for the Grand Prix. Next blog Wednesday.