Sunday, 23 June 2013

Marking Time

I'm still progressing well and I am hopeful of being given the all clear tomorrow. My appetite has improved and yesterday I managed a cheesy omelet for lunch and worked my way through several packets of crisps and pieces of fruit during the course of the afternoon. Today I am trying a full but small meal of meat and two veg. If I can eat that without it affecting my breathing I'll know I'm almost back to normal.

Andrew has also improved and after two days of soup, bananas and yogurt, carefully vetted of course, he also has regained his appetite and is feeling much more comfortable. We worked out that the only thing he ate that was different from normal was some coleslaw that we shared. I checked the label and sure enough, there was whey powder in it. For God's sake, why would you need whey powder in coleslaw? It was an extra thick and creamy version so I'm assuming it was used as a thickener. I will not be buying that in future and will be checking the labels of different types next time I'm in Tesco's and if all else fails I'll revert to making my own.

The weather is frustrating me as now I feel up to sitting in the garden I can't because it is raining. In fact since we cleared the decking ready for use I've sat up there for only a couple of hours. Since then the covers have been on and it has rained and been windy and cold. Obviously earlier in the week I couldn't care less as I wouldn't have made it out there if I'd tried but since I've been feeling better I can't help feeling some fresh air would be beneficial.

I should have been out and about in the fresh air today as it happens. My best friend's village is having a celebration of 100 years of the motor car and there is a fete to go with it. I'd said I'd go but despite being better I still don't think I'm up to walking around fields or standing for long periods and I certainly don't want to risk getting cold and wet. Such a shame as I was really looking forward to it but, at the moment, I have to think of me and no one else and 'me' doesn't want to risk catching anything else.

I had a piece of good news though. My brother and his family are spending a week in the area on a short holiday. We are going to meet up for a drink and/or a meal while he's down here. So looking forward to it as it's two years since we last saw each other. Another date in the diary, another goal to reach, it's what keeps me going.

So another day playing safe and lounging around doing not much at all. Roll on Tuesday when hopefully normality returns.