Saturday, 25 May 2013

Buffalo Milkshake.

Worrying news on Anne, after posting about her great progress yesterday I was alerted to a post from her brother. Anne has had a seizure and has been rush back into ICU and is waiting for a CT scan. As you can imagine we are all deeply shocked by this sudden backward step and are all fervently praying that is is only a minor problem which will not hinder her progress too much.

My cough/cold/allergy is still with me an I'm getting a mite fed up with it now. And the weather isn't helping, after just one week we had to turn the heating back on yesterday as we were both freezing. No wonder the bugs are having such a good time at the moment. I'm just hoping everything will improve soon.

As I'm typing this I'm waiting for my friend to arrive. We meet once a month for a good old natter and a progress check on each others lives. She is very excited as she and her husband are about to start an extension project on their house. We have made plans to meet again next month and I'm looking forward to it already.

Smirnoff enjoying a brief spell of sunshine

The rain has stopped but it is still quite cold out so I'm resigning myself to yet another afternoon on the settee reading or watching TV. To be honest I'm rather reluctant to go out and pull weeds in case it is some sort of allergy and I'll end up making it worse. I've decided to play it safe and if I've still got whatever it is this time next week I'll just have to go back to my GP and see what else he can come up with. It is so annoying as generally I don't feel too bad.

My Alfa 156 has had a new exhaust pipe and the engine checked over this week. The MOT is due in a couple of weeks so we will put it through that and then put it up for sale. I've decided to give it a final blast around the countryside before I do though. I'm really, really going to miss it but I can't justify the expense of taxing and insuring a car I'll barely use. Then, of course, there is where do I keep it. At the moment it is either sitting on my front lawn, and doing the grass no good at all, or sitting on a neighbour's driveway while they are away on holiday. Right now it is parked up on the road outside our house. The last place I want it to be as people drive up and down this road like they are on a race track and cars have been known to be damaged. Also I live near a station so we have horrendous parking issues during the week with commuters and I don't want to add to them. If we lived somewhere with a long drive or a large garage I wouldn't hesitate to keep it but as it is it is going to have to go.

The Apprentice Watch

I didn't feel it was appropriate to include this in yesterday's blog.

Well the candidates have finally been mixed up and are no longer girls versus boys, which is a bit worrying as I now have to try and remember the team names and who is in each team. The task this week was to run a farm shop for the day. They had to source their products, display and sell them and the team with the most profit wins. This should have been one of the easier tasks of the series but both teams missed the point by a country mile.

Evolve chose Luisa as it's team leader. Luisa is my new hate figure of the series. She is loud, cocky and less than graceful when successful.

They decided to go for the upper end of the market and supply buffalo meat to the masses. They also bought a wide variety of fruit and veg to display in their shop and then hit upon the idea of selling soup and baked potatoes. Now I do a lot of shopping in farm shops and not one of them has ever tried to sell me a baked potato or a plastic cup of weak soup. Maybe I'm going to the wrong farm shops or maybe the whole idea of a farm shop is to sell you the stuff you need to make your own soup.

Endeavor had Neil as their team leader who's main tactic was to issue orders, often countermanding himself, at rapid fire pace. At first it looked as though Neil was the leader to be reckoned with until he made the mistake of appointing Kurt as the leader of the sub team. Kurt is fixated, and I'm being kind here, on his business idea, which is to break into the smoothie and fruit juice market. So Kurt set about changing the task to fit his own ideas and show them off to Lord Sugar. Before Neil knew what had hit him the team were buying gallons of milk and every kind of fruit going. Neil decided to pull in the reins a bit and ordered the sub team to also bring back some veg to display in the shop. Kurt was not happy about spending their precious budget on anything that couldn't go into his smoothies but complied, well sort of. The two miserable boxes of limp veg he came back with did not endear him to Neil in the slightest.

It was about now that I began to wonder if I'd missed something. A farm shop selling only smoothies. Isn't that a smoothie shop? Anyway the big selling day arrived and it wasn't long before smoothies were flying out of Endeavors shop so fast they were having a hard time keeping up with demand and it looked like we were about to witness a landslide.

Over at Evolve Luisa was getting a bit ratty about customers wandering in, muttering that the meat was too pricey and wandering out again. The soup was bombing too and it didn't help when Myles, who was trying to shift the stuff, said loud enough for the whole street to hear, 'don't let them try it because it doesn't taste very good.'

In the boardroom I was convinced the Endeavor had it in the bag but I was suprised. despite the price of their buffalo meat, their terrible soup and their unappetising baked potatoes Evolve won.

Neil brought Kurt back in to face the music because of his smoothie obsession and Uzma for frightening off the customers with her horrible eye make up. The writing was on the wall and Uzma was sent packing proving that even in a team dominated by men the women still can't stop getting themselves fired.

Well time to head for the settee. I didn't sleep to well last night, probably because I was worrying about Anne, so I feel a little nap coming on.