Saturday, 4 May 2013

Picture This

OK, can I please point out that the tattoo is not my fault. I NEVER said he could do it, I just pointed out that as an adult he could do what he liked with his own body. Thank You!

Yep tattoogate has caused uproar in certain quarters and I experienced an outraged ten minute phone call from Laurence last night who mostly said 'what has he done' and 'I can believe it'. I have feeling there is going to be some world class interrogation and teasing going on when they next get together and I'm going to have to act as referee, again. Can't wait, sigh.

Yesterday I finally got out into the sunshine and took some pictures. Just as well as, so far today, the weather's turning out to be a bit wet and windy. A pity as I'd planned another trip this afternoon. Well it might brighten up and there is always tomorrow.

Anyway back to yesterday and it was wonderful to be wandering around in shirtsleeves with a camera hung around my neck. My trusty old camera is a Nikon D50 and though technically out of date I've never been one to replace things just for the sake of doing so. This camera suits me down to the ground, it is a good weight and has more than enough features to keep me happy. It also takes great pictures, what more can a girl want?

I was especially delighted to find that Harlington has gained it's first blue plaque. Here it is in all it's glory celebrating the first Grand National Steeplechase which was won by a horse called 'The Wonder'. There are five more planned for the village but haven't been put up yet. This one can be found on the front of The Carpenter's Arms.

Why the delight? Well collecting blue plaques is a hobby of mine. In the days before I became too ill to walk far, after every hospital visit we'd spend the afternoon walking London's Streets taking pictures of the blue plaques. I have 476 pictures so far, not all of them in London, and look out for them wherever I go. I've even had my pictures of plaques published in several books and magazines such as Homes and Gardens and often get emails from people requesting permission to use my picture in their publications. Sadly I can't take as many these days because I either need to be in a wheelchair or on my trike, difficult on London's busy streets. Otherwise we have to drive as close to the plaques as possible and then find somewhere to park. A waste of time and petrol. One of the things I'm really looking forward to is being able to hike around London again to take the ones I've missed.

One of the other things I collect is pub signs, I have 240 of them at present, so the plaque being on a pub is a real bonus.

Whilst wandering around the village looking for the other plaques, we didn't realise only one had been erected at this point, we were accosted by a man clutching a bag. 'Are you from the Luton Post?'
'Oh, you look like your from there.'
'Well I'm sorry were not.'
'So are you connected to the wedding?' There was a wedding at the church yesterday.
'No, just wandering around taking this and that.'
'Oh, well would you like to take some pictures of our line dancing group? The instructor will be along in a minute and I'm sure she won't mind.'

We made our excuses and left. I'll take pictures of practically anything but the thought of being stuck in the village hall with a group of sweaty people line dancing didn't fill me with joy. Especially on such a glorious day.

In the news UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) have taken almost a quarter of the vote in the local council elections and delivered a bloody nose to the main parties. Oleaginous Nigel Farage, UKIP's leader, was cock-a-hoop and all over the news, mostly drinking beer. Of course he is clever enough to realise his good fortune is the result of a massive protest vote and is unlikely to be repeated in a general election but who can blaming him for crowing a bit while he's got the chance.

Well time for a quick cuppa before I decide what to make for lunch, my stomach says fry up while my head says veggie pasta. I wouldn't put bets on what's going to win.