Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pre-Holiday Blues

No new updates on Anne so we assume she is doing well. She has been posting pictures of the food she's been given to eat and I must say, for a hospital dedicated to looking after the heart and lungs, it does look awfully unhealthy. I've no doubt there must be a reason behind Anne being encouraged to eat things like Dorito's and Mars bars but would a piece of fruit or some veg really be that bad? I don't think I'm going to enjoy my post transplant stay if that's what they expect you to eat, yuk.

Chester's beautiful town center

Another long lie in and long restful bath and no sign of any migraine. I can only assume that although I thought I was coping well at work, I really wasn't. This is a bit of an alarming development. I don't want to be returning from work with migraine everyday but clearly something there is stressing me out big time. Oh well I'll just have to see how I go next week and if the same thing does happen then clearly I have a problem.

It might just be that I need a proper rest and some quality time away from it all. My long awaited holiday is in just two weeks so if I can hold out that long I'm pretty sure I'll be OK.

Talking of holidays I have to admit to feeling a wee bit jealous when my colleagues excitedly discuss going to Spain, or Mexico, or America. It has been so long since I went anywhere so exciting and even if I have my transplant tomorrow I will still need to wait a year, or more, before I'll be let out of the country.

The last real holiday was when we went to Chester for a week about three years ago. It was absolutely wonderful. Of course I could still walk pretty well then and wasn't weighed down with pumps and oxygen tanks and boxes of meds. I could still go away somewhere in England for a short holiday but dragging all that equipment and a whole pharmacy with me is rather off putting and requires so much effort I just can't be bothered. I will go to Wales to see my Mum and if I can I will try to get to Edinburgh at some point to see my brother but I think I'm going to limit it to that.

Doing the wall walk

Tonight it is the Eurovision Song Contest but I will be sticking to good old BGT.

I used to watch the Eurovision avidly years ago when Terry Wogan was at his prime but since it became so political I gradually gave up caring. The final nail in the coffin was when Graham Norton took over the commentary. I will not watch anything he is in, I even skip the Father Ted episodes he features in. I cannot stand the man.

We all know that Greece will vote for Cyprus, Cyprus will vote for Greece etc, etc. In fact it is so rigged that you can pretty much guess how many points each country it going to give out and to whom. The UK have become so desperate that they are dragging out former big guns on the British pop scene. Last year it was Englebert Humperdinck who's last big hit was way back in the 1970's. Frighteningly he still has the same hair but despite a liberal use of hair dye and all the glitz and promotion he sank without a trace getting only 12 points.

Part of a weird and wonderful exhibition

This year we've enlisted the services of another former star in the shape of Bonnie Tyler who embraced the eighties mantra of big hair, big shoulders and big voice with everything she possessed. At the time her gravelly voice earned her the title of the female Rod Stewart (I think I can guess who they will drag out next year) and she had a string of big hits, notably Total Eclipse of the Heart which I loved with a passion at the time.

Will she fair any better? I doubt it, the UK is even more unpopular with the rest of Europe than it was last year. However if she gets more than twelve points at least we'll be moving in the right direction, it's the most we can hope for.

The weather is not playing ball and according to Peter, who popped out this morning, it is freezing out there. Lovely, more like November than May. No wonder most Brits are vitamin D deficient. So it looks like another afternoon on the settee with a book or film. The way I'm reading at the moment I'm going to have to do another trawl around the charity shops. I'm up to at least a book a week now. I'm itching to get out but I suppose Patience is a virtue as well as an opera.

And yes, Chester has blue plaques

Well time to start cooking, I'm making barbecue chicken with roast peppers and couscous, yum, yum, yum. Now that is the kind of food they should be serving in hospital.