Friday, 24 May 2013


Regular readers of this blog will know that I tend to keep clear of religious or political  stuff but today I cannot write this blog and ignored what has happened in Woolwich.

Lee Rigby was twenty two, married with a young son of his own. Lee was a decent young man who was proud of his country. So proud in fact that he fought for it. On Wednesday he dared to walk alone down a suburban street in London and was hacked to death by would be extremists. His only crime was that he wore a Help for Heroes hoodie.

Watching events unfold on the news I was sick to the stomach. I couldn't believe someone would not only do what they did but then wait around calmly chatting to passersby, and trying to justify what they'd done, until the police turned up. Sky showed one ranting on about 'getting your soldiers out of our country'. I found this somewhat bemusing given his broad south London accent. It was even stranger when it emerged that both men were Nigerian born. I may have missed something but to my knowledge we don't have troops in Nigeria. When police turned up the men charged at them brandishing their knives and a revolver only to be shot down by a female officer.

I was so pleased neither was killed and both are expected to make a full recovery. Some will think it strange but I have my reasons. They wanted to be killed by British police, that was exactly what they were hoping for. They wanted to be martyred, they wanted to become heroes, they wanted to be held up as examples of courage etc, etc. Now they will be seen for what they really are, cowardly murderers who hopefully will be held up for ridicule. I find it particularly satisfying that they were shot by a woman.

Of course the knee jerk reaction was immediately taken up by the English Defense League who piled onto the streets in their hundreds, well around sixty to be exact, and mystifyingly attacked the police. Strangely the EDL supporters clearly are not quite as proud to be British as they'd have us believe as most had their faces covered, which rather negated the point of them being there in the first place. Why would you do that? If you want to stand up for some cause or belief then do so openly, otherwise what is the point?

Of course we all know why they were there, the murderers had called for a 'war on London streets' and the EDL were up for giving them just that. Fortunately they were out numbered by police and after a bit of noisy pushing and shoving left.

Naturally politicians from all side were quick to condemn the incident, all that is except the odious leader of the British National Party who has been invisible, how strange.

With a bank holiday coming up the streets of Woolwich are going to be far from carefree and full of fun this weekend. However the murder of this poor soldier has had a curiously positive effect in some areas. The Help For Heroes charity is getting a flood of donations and during my travels this morning I saw more t-shirts, wrist band and badges supporting the charity than I ever have before.

In more up lifting news Anne has posted a picture of herself on an exercise bike just two full weeks post transplant. I am utterly amazed by this brave lady's progress. I would not be a bit surprised if I'm reporting her homecoming this time next week.

I went back to work yesterday. I really couldn't justify staying at home even though the cough, sore throat and slightly bunged nose are still with me. Countless courses of antibiotics have failed to rid me of the condition and I'm beginning to wonder whether it is some form of hay fever. It started about the right time and although the weather has been pretty awful there is still plenty of pollen out there. I might well nip into a chemist next week and see if there is anything I can try to help the situation.

I overslept this morning and completely missed my warfarin clinic so I've had to ring and rebook for next week. To be fair I was exhausted and definitely need the rest so I'm not that bothered.

My friend Diana is paying a visit tomorrow so I'm spending this afternoon having a quick flick around with a duster. The floor is going to need a mop too as following a week of rain there are millions of little muddy paw marks all over the place.

Talking of which a really strange thing happened to me on the way home yesterday.

I was about to walk into the car park when hailstones came belting down covering everything in about half an inch of ice. Seconds later the sun came out and when the heat hit the cold a mist formed and I walked to my car through, what can only be described, as a layer of dry ice mist. It was extremely pretty but very weird.

Well best get too it, the floor won't clean itself, unfortunately.