Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Frustrated Photographer

Well yesterday was frustrating and it looks as though today is going the same way. I get my camera out and in goes the sun and it pours. I start baking a cake or get the ironing board out and out pops the sun. In the end I baked a cake and did the ironing therefore ensuring I would be free all day today should things improve. Although it hasn't actually rained it is dull, windy and quite cold. I thought the weekend was supposed to be the best weather yet this year. So much for trusting the weather people, my external thermometer is saying 12C, hardly barbecue temperatures. No doubt it will be brilliant tomorrow when I'm back at work, yes, I haven't made a mistake, I am working the Bank holiday.

So with that rant over I decided to upload the pictures I have taken so far. I've already down loaded several and to be honest I hadn't taken that many. I've photographed Harlington to death over the years so it has to be something spectacular or new, such as the plaque, to get me out there these days. I've added a few to this blog, I hope you like them.

We do have a plan however, if it doesn't improve or starts to rain we are going to sit and watch a couple of films. Peter recently bought the Davinci Code and Angels and Demons and I've been itching to watch them. Unfortunately they are quite long films so watching them in the evening is doomed to failure because by nine thirty I'm usually sparko ( asleep) on the settee. As a result we only watch short films at night or on days when I don't have to get up the next morning. These two films have been hanging around for weeks unwatched and I'm getting desperate.

Slightly less desperate is my need to get out with the camera. That has been salved slightly by my brief outing on Friday but it won't last long. I know there is always next weekend etc but there again it might turnout just as bad or worse. Sometimes I hate our climate.

After having a lazy morning in bed with breakfast and the papers I got up and put on a load of washing, well I'm banking on there not being any BBQ's this afternoon, and cleaned up the kitchen. since Andrew's been home my kitchen hygiene has taken a dive. Every time I go in there I find crumbs everywhere and used knives all over the worktops. On the plus side though it is nice to have him home again for a while.

Today it is my turn to mess the kitchen up as I try out another new recipe on my unsuspecting family. This time it is a Moroccan stew and sounds delicious. I love trying out new things, my family are usually not quite so keen I have to admit, but as I've told them 'anytime you want to cook lunch...'

In the news yet another sex scandal this time involving a Conservative MP. Well if it isn't entertainers it's usually politicians. In fact before Jimmy Savile it almost alway was politicians. nice to see the status quo regained.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Well a fairly dull programme this week to be honest, even David and Simon were not up to the mark.

The worse acts had to be the man doing some dad dancing to Footloose and the aging blond who thought she was Beyonce. They were not even funny and left me cringing with embarrassment.

The best act was a tiny little girl and a huge man both from Holland who's acrobatic dance act left everyone speechless as we waited for him to drop her. I thought it was the best thing I'd seen in a very long time and loved every minute of it. However it occurs to me that the majority of the acts being sent through this year are foreign, proving unequivocally that actually Britain doesn't have talent. Unless it's for making fools out of ourselves and we are certainly top of the class in that this year.

Joy of joys The Apprentice starts this week and having seen the trailer I currently hate every one of the candidates. It's going to be great.

Enjoy you bank holiday, next blog Wednesday.